Bridging Business & Beyond. 

“At some point the business becomes about something more…”

~excerpt from my chapter in the International Best Selling Co-Authored Project: HEAL (Your Holistic Earth)

After a 25 year career as a media, marketing and business strategist, I retired from a version of Business that had worn me down and left me work-weary, in order to create and experience something more.

There is a time when Business is about building something that ‘works’, that is, something that provides the basics for us – food, shelter and a sense of safety/security, and then it becomes about something more.

What more could you create if you were tuned into your unique frequency?


As I reshaped my relationship with Business, inside my life and beyond I reframed, realigned and restored more of my ultimate Endgame; where the work/business created the experience of more across a Life 360. 

What more would you experience if you were sync’d up with ancient knowledge, amplifying from deeper wisdom?

Creating more in the business so you can experienc more beyond it.

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Coherence in Other’s Words:

Jim Carrey @ Maharishi University