Tricia Murray | Becoming Coherent

We ALL experience periods of ‘crisis’ in our individual corner of the world and yes, right now, most of us are experiencing even more of the feelings that go along with crisis, unexpected setbacks, internal upheaval or what feels like chaos – incoherence.

It feels like we just to don’t know what to expect, we feel uncertain about the future, frustrated that this ‘change’ has happened at all, fear that maybe there isn’t MORE on the others and at some point most of us begin to tune into a deeper convication that there HAS to be more and maybe, a burgeoning sense of excitement at the potential and possibilities; the options and opportunities.

That’s the spectrum of human emotion that we experience individually and collectively, whenever we come to stand at the edge of something significant…something, that is going to change the game, forever.

Becoming Coherent | Beyond the Edge | Weekly LIVE Series

Becoming clearer about the potential & possibilities is not always easy or ‘simple’.

Sometimes, we are just too close to the edge, focused on where our feet are and we fear what’s beyond and how big the gap is. We can step back and connect to more, more strategically and more simply. Tune In • Beyond the Edge

Moving beyond the edge starts with opening up to a bigger picture.

In moments of crisis and chaos we all reach for quick solutions and reconcile doing more and enduring more but, used as long-term ‘strategies’ we find the business eclipsing a life 360 and we become one of the work-weary!

Becoming Coherence | Big Picture, Small Business | A Monthly Coherent Keys
Becoming Coherent | 1:1 Strategic Calibration | laser-Focused 3-Pack

Tuning in & syncing up to ancient, timeless & universal keys enables us to reconnect with MORE.

We shift from doing to creating;
from enduring into 

We let go of trying to change THE game and
 focus on restructuring our endgame. 

We become agents of change in our corner of the world, which creates a ripple effect.

We become creators of the experience of MORE inside our business & beyond.


And, when we focus on creating that kind of experience we move THE world forward.