Reshape The Relationship.

Recalibrate Your Results.

What shape is your relationship in, with your business and beyond it?

Is your business expanding to create more?

Are you a conduit for ‘your’ people to experience more?


I stepped into my Solopreneur life because I wanted to find more; more meaning in the work, more mutually aligned clients and a more diverse and dynamic life in 360º. 

What I actually encountered was more frustration, incoherence and disconnection because I heard what you’re hearing: that “business” is hard and that we just need to embrace the ‘hustle’ and ‘grind it out’.

For a long time I honestly believed that the struggle was supposed to be ‘real’.


The culture of “Business” can get us super-focused on doing more (and enduring more…) and leave us creating and experiencing less.


As I reshaped key relationships inside the business and beyond it, I discovered my own, innate ability to create more and experience more. Today, I connect and mentor other Solopreneurs in doing the same by:

  • reframing the role and purpose of the business;
  • realigning each side of two primary Relationship Triangles; and,
  • restore equilibrium to sustainbly create and experience more inside the business & beyond it.

So, what shape are your relationships in?  

Is the business ‘supportive’ or making unreasonable demands on your time and energy.  What about the customer…are you ‘in-sync’ with each other or does it feel a little like sandpaper? Are you feeling like the meaning and the money just aren’t lining up (anymore)?

RESHAPE the Relationship with Plan A, B or C Now

REDEFINE "Business" as a Solopreneur Now

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The Week

These are uncommon questions and how you respond will help you discover the relationship to very common and sometimes chronic business problems that Solopreneurs encounter; because it’s ALL about the relationship…

…between the business & customer, the business & owner and, the business & Life 360º. When our relationships become misaligned things get unclear and uncertain and these misalignments create a ripple effect across the business and beyond it.

I would be delighted to show you how to reframe, realign and restore those relationships so that,

You can create more inside the business and experience more beyond it.