There is a difference between knowing about something and

KNOWING something and that difference is what creates coherent change. 


Tricia knows change. 

She knows that while ‘crisis’ creates change; making changes does not have to result in ‘crisis’. We either dig in and resist making any changes, very often because we believe if we change one thing – we’ll find ourselves in full-scale revolution – where EVERYTHING has to change. 

In my experience, we don’t NEED to take ourselves 180º to create meaningful change in our work, our career or our business OR beyond.


She also knows ‘incoherence’, intimately. 

She knows the rabbit holes we fall down in pursuit of change and the frustration of bouncing between resisting making any changes and succumbing to full-scale revolution, where we feel everything must change.

Listen, some rabbit holes that I tumbled down were interesting, others were a tonne of fun, and then there were the ones that were as incoherent as the one that Alice fell down.


And she KNOWS, by heart, the script that plays out inside a version of Business that keeps us locked in an endless battle 

of doing more, enduring more and creating and experiencing LESS…it’s like The Hunger Games, of Business. 


REFRAME more of the big picture and connect to what’s most relevant and significant to YOUR picture.

Becoming Coherence | C360 Lunch & Learn | Big Picture, Coherent Keys
Tricia Murray | Recalibrate Coherent Change | Business & Beyond

RECALIBRATE Plan C to Plan A and create coherent change inside your business realm AND beyond through this immersive experience.

RECONNECT with key insights to continually reframe, realign and restore more inside
your coherence zone.

Becoming Coherent | 1:1 Strategic Calibration | laser-Focused 3-Pack

Since 2012, Tricia has been finding her way OUT of multiple rabbit holes, beyond the resistance and revolution into her own ‘coherence’ zone and has changed the game she chooses to play – inside business & beyond – one degree at a time.

She works with those who are standing at the threshold of change and don’t have a clear line of sight of what’s next. She equips you in becoming more coherent to the changes you want to make, how to change the game (one degree at a time) and become agents of coherent change in your own corner of the world; inside your business realm and beyond. 

Create the Experience of MORE. 

Agents of Change • Change-Makers • Game-Changers