A Strategic Guide Connecting to

More inside Business & Beyond


I am Tricia Murray, a strategic guide to the smallest of small business owners • solopreneurs, entrepreneurs & micro-businesses.

Yes, we ARE the largest segment of today’s Business community AND we have the fewest number of resources strategically designed to create the experience of more, inside our business and beyond.

That is what you’ll find woven into every element of Becoming Coherent.

Strategically simplified, coherently calibrated pathways and bridges designed  for you to create more on your own or together, with me and a small group of like-minded individuals.

What more could you create if you could see more and open up to more beyond your current edge?


What more would you choose to experience if you could connect to ‘Business’ & beyond more clearly, consistently and, in a way that made sense for you?

I integrate the timeless and universal things ••• the things that stand the test of time and are always relevant in order to create the experience of more…

I coherently weave the science and the spiritual into the business & beyond and help business owners tune in, sync up and align themselves with more.

When you are standing at the edge of wanting more...inside business & beyond…

…the TIMELESS becomes your guide and

COHERENCE becomes the bridge.