What shape is your

business in?

Is it an expanding container that is creating more?

Is it equally aligned on all sides?

Is there a sense of flow and equilibrium within it? 

There are very common pain points and chronic business problems that solopreneurs and small business owners alike face everyday. The pain persists and problems hold them back because somewhere inside the business (or beyond it) key relationships have become misaligned.

The misalignments are related to how we frame the role and purpose of the business or a focal point that concentrates on ONE half of the relationship. But, when we get laser focused on one side of a two-way relationship, something else of equal importance gets pulled out of alignment and we find ourselves in a ‘relationship triangle’ that impacts the owner, the business and/or the customer, and sometimes, all three. 

These common and chronic misalignments shut down the flow, of everything…just like in our physical body, we know that when things stop flowing, we experience decline.

So, what shape is your business in?

Coherence REFRAMES, REALIGNS and RESTORES key relationships so you can create AND experience more, inside the business and beyond.

I grew up in business, playing a very particular version of The Game and it taught me to see business (and life) through a very particular set of filters; something I contrast with the movie The Hunger Games™, and that most of us learn this version – to one degree or another.

Inside ‘the arena’ we are taught that everything is scarce, which drives us to compete and that creates boatloads of conflict. I learned to do more (and more) and push myself further that I could sustain. I learned that busines was about grinding it out and struggling to just make it work. 

I spent YEARS ‘making it work’ and in the process found myself so out of ‘alignment’ with the work, the clients, the business and yes, myself; that by the time I did step out of the arena – my health was in decline, my people & spiritual connections were disconnected and I saw all of life through one-dimension. work.

If you feel the pain points and chronic problems of a business misaligned and you are wearing yourself down trying to ‘make it work’…

Coherence clarifies the core things that change everything.