Becoming Coherent | Coherent U | Recalibrate Business & Beyond

 Every crisis brings us to the edge of change…        

…it MAGNIFIES something that is ready to grow, evolve and expand.  


2020 delivered plenty of both, some we can see easily…others are hard to distinguish. 



There is a relationship between the crisis, the changes that unfold and    

the shifts we can make to move into something more, without more crisis.


Becoming Coherent is home-base for community of existing and emerging SOLO-owners | SOLO-operators searching for and creating change, using alternative approaches and insights to business AND beyond. 


If you wish to see business AND everything beyond through a different lens…   

If you want to architect a business with fewer barriers or one without borders… 


…here are a few places to begin:


A Mighty Coherent Community | a M.O.R.E. Coherent U


After a decade of trying become a more effective agent OF change, the secrets every SOLO owner | SOLO operator searches for was found in three words.

Create. Coherent. Connections.  



RECALIBRATING for more means seeing more, one degree at a time.

Step back to see more of the big picture, with three KEYS that unlock more in your picture.


Coherent U | C360 Lunch & Learn | Big Picture, Coherent Keys

Tricia Murray knows crisis and change and she knows how to recalibrate, coherently.   

We don’t need to take ourselves 180º to create a greater degree of health, wealth, meaning or love – in our work, with our customers or as the owner.  


Recalibrating is about making the subtle shifts, small adjustments and often, simple refinements that actually create the experience OF more. 


It’s a little like going to a chiropractor or taking your car in for a wheel alignment.

You may not know specifically what’s ‘out of alignment’ but something just doesn’t feel right.  

You notice your car (or your body) pulling in a particular direction or you are feeling some kind of pain.


The tools you will find inside this Coherent Community and Coherent U are different than a mechanic or chiropractor, 

but the endgame and the principles of relationship are the same.  


There are two sides to every relationship and every relationship creates results…

…in order to change the results, we need to recalibrate the relationship – inside the business and beyond, across life 360º, because “Business” is the tip of the iceberg.

Business-Owner-Customer Triangle
Body-Mind-Spirit Triangle