tricia murray

No one ‘loves’ Marketing…unless you’re ‘in Marketing’ (and even then it’s debatable)!

Tricia took the LONG way around, battling everything that is wrong with Marketing today, which meant
recalibrating everything through the lens of science and spirituality to reconnect the integral, intelligent and intuitive pieces.

Once she did that Marketing became LIGHT again!


I feel so supported and so, so grateful! Your Brand Matrix process is clear and organized; I'm feeling the momentum building and see how each piece is fitting together each week. I am awed at how my core archetypes and Soul Style are so me, they’ve definitely been present throughout my whole career, and gives me such confidence to lean into my Explorer/Adventurer as I evolve my work.

Jo-Anne W

I was so frustrated with the ‘more must be better’ rhetoric in Marketing. Tricia is a breath of fresh air! She provides clear counsel based on a diverse background in Marketing and her intuitive insights spark my creativity to consider how to connect with my customers in a really human way.

Josie B.

I don't need full-time anything right now, especially Marketing, but I truly value the insights I get from each group conversation and my time with Tricia directly is shifting my perception of marketing's value to my business.

Liz S.

Tricia worked through our entire Marketing Matrix, from the Brand, Messaging, packaging our products and building out a quarterly Game Plan (which is invaluable). Everything she co-created with us is finding its way into various aspects of our communication (the web, promos & ads). We are very happy with how aligned it all feels now.”

Sheryl A.

I knew I was spinning my wheels and Tricia's Circle enables me to refocus, get clear and more organized around what's really of most value when it comes to Marketing!

Andrea A.

We've spent tens of thousands of dollars (maybe more) on Marketing. My business partner and I were pretty jaded when we met Tricia but she has a way of cutting through the B.S. and focusing on what really matters to us. We love her creative mind and her common sense style, one minute she can be at 35,000 feet with us casting a vision and then shift to 1,000 feet to make it make sense to the team running the show.

Chris T.

I equip small business CEOs & Owners with solutions that translate to more!


There are multiple things that have gone wrong with Marketing and many things that are still very, very right…

What’s gone wrong? Complicated systems designed for big brands. Unnecessary ‘mystery’ around what’s working and what’s not, and a frustrating love/hate relationship between business & technology. Lack of discipline and an abundance of bullshit. Plus, a top-down hierarchical culture that implies ‘you know nothing and we know everything’. Shall I go on?

What’s still right? Powerful potential, key principles, a pretty simple process and an ever-evolving practice. Marketing is about continually recalibrating the business and the consumer, your time, energy and resources with return on investment and  working from four core pillars — meaning, mutual, diversity and dynamic exchange!

Marketing is about finding the merge point between meaning, mutual benefit, diversity and dynamic evolution that keep things in flow! 


Shine a light.

Connect 1:1 with Tricia Murray to realign with the integral, intelligent and intuitive meaning behind your Marketing.