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Absolutely everything you see today – inside the business and beyond it – are results; results that reflect an infinite series of relationships.    

When you understand how to shift those relationships, well, it’s a game-changer. 

I am an Experience Architect – supporting (and supported by) a MIGHTY Coherent Community of change-makers, game-changers and agents of change. Our sole focus through the community is to help SOLO-owned, SOLO-operated business create more and experience more by creating coherent changes… 

…becoming a MORE Coherent U…

….inside your corner of the Universe and delighting in how that ripples out to influence the universe beyond U.   

…which means that if you are looking to make epic, ‘over-the-top’ revolutionary changes – we are very likely NOT your solution.



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Creating change that creates more, without sacrificing the experience, is not found in the epic, over-the-top things.

It’s found in understanding the relationship between the things that have stood the test of time, we already know and things that bridge the gap between where we are in our business (& beyond) and where we want to be.

If you want to tune in, sync-up and begin to truly amplify more, the shifts we enable you to make are more subtle and very often, far more simple than you imagine AND each one creates that ripple…throughout your business and beyond. 

If you’re not creating more, chances are you are not experiencing more either.

Shift the relationship • Shift the results.

Everything is connected and everything changes, one degree at a time.



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