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Here’s a little ditty about one ‘Hero’s Journey’ of Mastering the ‘Craft’ of manifesting of a life of work; joining the Dixie Chicks on the LONG way around; fighting the Law (& the Universe) tooth and nail for a ‘soul calling’ to not be in Marketing (and didn’t win).


I took myself 180-degrees and down too many rabbit holes to count – psychology, sociology, world religions, yoga therapy, universal law, quantum physics – only to land about 30º from where I began…in Marketing. 


After an infinite series of recalibrations of the Marketing, the Meaning and the More, I now reframe the power and potential of all three, to bridge the gaps that MOST small business owners encounter on their own Hero’s Journey to create more, contribute more and champion more, by making the whole big world of Marketing, mean more.

If Marketing is not creating more for you, chances are you are not experiencing more either…and it’s a series of small, subtle and sometimes SIMPLE shifts that can take you from less, to more in a micro moment. 




Becoming Coherent | Deep Wisdom

• My Endgame •

Make Marketing MEAN more to you, so Marketing can help you CREATE more


I have a number of goals that help me determine if I’m moving the ball down the field –  

that is, making marketing mean more so you can CREATE more. One of those goals… 



Directly impact more than 100 businesses every year with Marketing that means more, to create $100,000 more. 


It’s not all about the Marketing any more than it’s all about the money. 


It’s about what the money (& the marketing) means – to the owner, customer and business –

 the Marketing (& the money) is one score on the SCOREBOARD and it reflects the impact, 

contribution and difference you (and I) are making, in and through the work of our business.

Connect with more in a micro moment with MS. RIGHT NOW.

Coherent U | Tricia Murray