Hello! I am Tricia Murray......

and coherence for me and my community is something that just keeps ‘becoming’ 😉

I support business owners who are ready to reach beyond the conventional, in order to create more and experience more – inside the business & beyond it.

How do you know if someone resonates with you? It usually starts with ‘knowing about’ that person and then gradually coming to ‘know’ them. Here are two handfulls about me:

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• I built a 20-year career as a Media, Marketing and Business strategist inside a version of business that resembled The Hunger Games™ 😳 and stepped out into my own Eat Pray Love journey.

• I’m a spiritual scientist | scientific spiritualist • a left-brain intuitive | right-brain intellectual, which simply means that my ‘Endgame’ is drawing people back to the midline, bridging the gap to cross over from a business of yesterday into a business of tomorrow, where we find Life 360º.


• I seek to simplify ‘Business’ and unite it with the Beyond – by mashing up wisdom from psychology, world religion, yoga therapy, spiritual law, universal principles & a little quantum physics, just for fun 🤓

• I’ve learned from some of the best in the world in their specific craft  – including Susan Fournier (Boston University), Marion “Muggs” McConnell, Susi Hately (Functional Synergy), Gregg Braden, Felicia Searcy and more.

I prepare individuals for more – inside the Business & Beyond through  three primary pathways. I serve on the leadership team of my local eWomen chapter, I am a best-selling co-author, podcast host (and guest) a speaker/communicator and, I am growing a community of Solopreneurs from across North America, Europe and Australia who are ready for more inside the business and to reach beyond to access it.

• I prefer dog parks to ‘networking’ functions; I’m more of an introvert than and extrovert; and, I’m focused on a ‘120-year plan’ so that I can put a bow on my bucket-list.

Above all else…

“What I want for myself, I want for everyone.”

…to Create More Inside the Business so I can Experience More Beyond it. 💕

(Quote by Samuel ‘Golden Rule’ Jones)