Making some changes, changing the game and becoming a more coherent agent of change shaped my own decade long Eat Pray Love journey.


I am an Insights Integrator and Strategic Guide, in business & beyond.

I support change-makers, agents of change and game-changers within the largest contingent of tomorrow’s business community — the smallest of SMBs (solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and micro-businesses).

My purpose has always been clear, consistent and aligned (coherent) to connect businesses with more in the face of tomorrow’s uncertainty by:

MANIFESTING more (ie: seeing more of the big picture or seeing it more clearly)
OPENING to more of how that big picture informs and influences the picture of small business;
RELATING to more through a strategically simplified lens based on the ancient, timeless and universal processes, principles and practices from science and spirituality.
EMBODYING more, taking ‘head knowledge’ into ‘heart wisdom’ where it doesn’t just change what we do, it enables us to becoming the change we envision.

If that’s the kind of business you’re looking for…let’s talk!


My purpose has always been clear and my role has evolved…

…Twenty-five years inside one version of business that made things incredibly complicated led me to believe that ‘the struggle was supposed to be real’…

…Working alongside multi-national, multi-million dollar companies AND the smallest of SMBs – solopreneurs, entrepreneurs & micro-business showed me how complicate Business (& beyond) has been made

…Evolving a career in business, communication & research/insights, into degree studies in psychology, sociology and yoga therapy has enabled me to see more, open up to more and relate more of my own journey, to THE journey, inside busness (& beyond)

…What started for me as making some changes, shifted to changing the game I was playing and led to supporting a community of change-makers, game-changers and agents of change shift from doing more & enduring more to creating & experiencing more

If you are not creating more, your customers are likely not experiencing more.

Conversely, if they are not experiencing more you won’t be creating more.



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