Making some changes, changing the game and becoming a more coherent agent of change is about redefining the experience. The experience the business creates for you, your customers and as an owner, across a Life 360.


Tricia Murray is a Chief Experience Officer (CXO) who unlocks timeless, universal KEY insights to connect business owners with ideas that inspire clear, consistent and understandable direction.  

She was drawn to understand what makes people tick, the moment she entered the workforce. As her career evolved she created equilibrium between her logical, analytical ‘left brain’ and right, to integrate the needs of business, customers and the owner and amplify more through meaningful commercial relationships.  

They say ‘content’ is king; Tricia respectfully disagrees.  

Business is about relationship and relationships are a series of experiences…inside business & beyond

She creates and instills confidence for owners by reframing, realigning and restoring experience-based logic that creates strong, two-way relationships between the business and owner; the business and customer and between a business and everything beyond it. 


If that’s the kind of experience you’re looking for…let’s talk!

If you’re not creating more inside your business,

chances are your customers are not experiencing more, through it.


Stepping back to see the relationship, shifts the results 

because everything is connected.



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