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Here’s a little ditty about one ‘Hero’s Journey’ of Mastering the ‘Craft’ of manifesting of a life of work; joining the Dixie Chicks on the LONG way around; fighting the Law (& the Universe) tooth and nail for a ‘soul calling’ to not be in Marketing (and didn’t win).


I took myself 180-degrees and down too many rabbit holes to count – psychology, sociology, world religions, yoga therapy, universal law, quantum physics – only to land about 30º from where I began…in Marketing. 


After an infinite series of rabbit holes, I can see just how much lighter Marketing can be and how much Marketing is weighing most small business owners down, creating barriers to more, burnout in time, energy and money and break downs in communication, connection and collaboration.


I see with crystal clarity a world where Marketing is wholly divorced from competition, conflict and scarcity.



If your Marketing is not creating more, chances are you are not experiencing more and the shifts happens
one degree at a time. 






Becoming Coherent | Deep Wisdom

• My Endgame •

Make Marketing MEAN more to you, so Marketing can help you CREATE more


I have a number of goals to determine if I’m moving the ball down the field. One of those goals… 



Restore your ability to create more YOUR way by reframing and realigning Marketing to mean more to you – in the macro and the micro. 

Shine a light on more in a
20-minute calibration call.

Coherent U | Tricia Murray