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“At The Edge of MORE”

Written by: Tricia Murray, Strategic Guide – Business & Beyond.

It’s June 2020 and for me it feels like 7.6 billion people came to stand at the exact same edge at almost exactly the same time…

…asking pretty much the same question.

Where do we go from here?

I believe we know at a deep, intuitive level that this time clearly has meaning. But, what that meaning is and what it means for us, individually and collectively, is anything but clear.

“To give meaning to where we are today, we need to look at where we’ve come from.”

~Richard Leaky, National Geographic


Standing At My Own Edge

A full decade prior to COVID-19 I had the same question rolling around my mind. I had been standing at my own edge for about three years, retreating and returning; reluctant, resistant and, at times, revolting against making a decision – any decision – that would bring some sense of forward movement.

I was in a holding pattern. Waiting.

It wasn’t because there weren’t decisions to be made. I had two enviable options in front of me and I could have added a third.

Did I take Robert Frosts infamous ‘road less travelled’ with one or two others who had the etchings of a vision, did I choose the path of least resistance or did I blaze a trail into something that was wholly my own and cast my own vision?


As I drew on divergent knowledge from psychology to yoga philosophy and universal law, I tuned into a basic framework for my journey from a business of yesterday into a business of tomorrow. The more I sync’d up with timeless insights, the more life began to makes sense, and feel simpler than I could have ever imagined. I have encountered more and more people who are amplifying their business and beyond by integrating the timeless and the ancient with a growing connection to their own sense of deep wisdom.


“Those who don’t learn from history are destined to repeat it.”

~Winston Churchill.

Look at architectural styles, fashion or even the world of entertainment – music, books and movies and you will see the Principle of Rhythm in play.

The principles and ideas that are truly timeless are continually recycling, throughout every age and every period in history. From the Hermetic Tradition and one of seven universal principles dating back to ancient Greece, the Principle of Rhythm states that everything in our universe moves in cycles.

Like the waxing and waning of the moon, the 24-hour clock and the ebbing and flowing of the tide, “Business” on a whole and our business and life move through similar cycles. Some cycles move quickly; others take eons to complete.

Everything in the universe is constantly changing and each cycle ultimately creates more because every cycle moves in a forward direction. Yes, things come to an end and in some sense, there is no going back, there is only looking back in order to see the road ahead more strategically and coherently.

What do we bring forward?

What elements from our current experience will be relevant tomorrow?

What timeless truths enable a business and beyond to tune in, sync up and amplify more?


Business: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow.


“We loiter in winter while it is already spring”.

~Henry David Thoreau

It’s tempting to want to retreat and return to a time when things were easier to understand; to place in our lives where we felt comfortable and things were more familiar.  As I retreated and retrograded, it became clear that backward movement only emerges in nature when something is in decline, when it’s dying.

From within the beauty buried in the deep wisdom of science and the ancient knowledge of spiritual traditions; we find that nothing ever really dies. Some part of what has been remains and, becomes the seed for the next evolution.

Ancient knowledge opens the door to grow a deep connection with our innate wisdom; and, wisdom is knowledge taken inward, through an embodied experience of each micro moment, the ever-evolving ‘quantum’ now.

Stepping beyond the edge can follow a strategic and coherent process and create the experience of MORE by:

1 – Manifesting More. In the Oxford and Webster dictionary, ‘manifest’ is defined as seeing something, making something visible to the mind or to the eye. What would you like to SEE more of – in the business or beyond?

2 – Opening Up to More. The more we see the more we’re open to and the more we open up to more – ideologies and possibilities – the more we come to see. Who is saying something different or saying the timeless things, differently?

3 – Relating to More. Not everything we see will resonate with us and we won’t to relate to everyone we encounter, tuning into our own unique frequency brings us into greater alignment with the ideas, possibilities and people on or near our wavelength. When, where or with whom do you notice the feeling of expansion?

4 – Embodying More. Seeing, opening up and relating to more creates more and for thousands today, business is coming to be about something more. It’s about experiencing more as we create more, which can only emerge by amplifying our own deep wisdom. Which experiences have created more – inside the business or beyond?


This is an excerpt from a co-authored book project: Business, Life and the Universe with Corey Poirer, Founder, bLU Talk.

If you are standing at an edge or if you are feeling the edge we are all standing at within your business, find your way forward strategically and coherently to create the experience of more. Join me in a Monthly Dose of Coherence to REFRAME the Big Picture for Small Business.