“The great ‘branding’ success stories need no heroic intervention because they know themselves and constantly ask how they should adapt for the year ahead.” ~Mark Ritson.


I love this quote. 

It reminds me that even as we develop across our lifespan, there are ‘ties that bind’. That even as we change, grow and evolve, there is something about us that remains the same. The essential essence of who we are AND the same is true for our business.

This could become an existential conversation in about 18 seconds but let’s assume that this isn’t the time or place for that and keep it more simple, inside the business and with your customer…


Who you are is a BIG part of what you have to offer.



Do you know what you bring to the business-customer relationship? 

What is about the people you just love being around?

Great story-tellers?


Plugged into the best events?

Perhaps, but the research will tell us that in ‘coherence’ language – they are on our wavelegnth.


They are just so settled in who they are that their inherent ‘cool factor’ just pour out of them. Sometimes, they have tuned into a deeper wisdom, that makes everything they say, drop like an anvil. In some sense, they know that their “who” is different than their “do”.


The same is true of our customer relationships. 

Establishing what your contribution is means understanding both the tangible impact you make AND the intangible way that you make it. And then understand that not everyone is ‘the person’ who will resonate with that beautiful, brilliant mashup.


It’s your cool factor that causes you to stand out, your unique, individual and dare I say, quirky cool factor that makes you different…

Think about the businesses you love doing business with.  There is something about the person – the founder or the front-facing representative of the business – that draws you in.


Have you found your ‘Cool Factor’?

For the solo business owner this is a lot more simple to get at, than a multi-billion dollar brand. Why?

Your contribution is completely, YOU.

It’s not just the what, how or even why of your business. It’s that AND MORE

It’s beyond a proprietary asset you’ve built or intellectual property and it would be true of you regardless of whether you chose the business/career you’re in or if you did something completely different.

It’s your method, your mojo, your Moneyball Mashup AND it’s all of what makes you inherently COOOOOOLLLLL

Knowing your contribution is essential because–just like in our personal relationships–until you know who you are, you won’t be great in relationship.

Customers LOVE businesses that know who they are. It creates an immediate sense of understanding and clarity when we  consistently show up as us… and that’s not always easy — it leaves us feeling exposed and vulnerable.


“Just because someone desires you,

doesn’t mean they value you.”

~Kush & Wizdom.


 If this is your first encounter with me or Coherent U — absolutely everything you will read or experience with me, through Coherent U has been informed and influence by what I’VE experienced…very often the things I’ve learned the most painfully way possible.

I have quite literally BURNED MYSELF OUT…trying to ‘convince’ people that I was their person.

I have BURNED thousands and thousand of dollars looking for solutions ‘out there’ that would cause people to choose me over someone else and I suppose as a Tribute and Survivor of the 21st Century Hunger Games of Business; some habits are harder to break than others.

I suppose I had to wear myself out entirely until I actually started to believe what I had been researching and sharing for a decade…because today I know what my COOOOOLLLLL factor is and for some people it is the very thing that they place VALUE on.

When customers sense that you know what makes you unique and valuable – apart from the services, products, packages or widgets that you have for them – it creates a domino effect throughout your business and beyond.

Zeroing in on your ‘cool factor’ isn’t a ‘nice to have’ it is tethered to every aspect of your business (and beyond). Not knowing what you bring to the customer relationship will pull you out of alignment over and over again, because it creates an unequal exchange between you and the customer.


Shaping and reshaping a business around the core understanding of the relationship, creates more and creates the experience of more – inside the business, as the owner, for the customer and across a Life 360.


It is also the core Endgame of Coherent U and what members of RECALIBRATE experience more of, each week, each month and for some, every year. If you have a love/hate relationship with more customers than you’d like and it’s starting to feel draining, join us in RECALIBRATE to … well, recalibrate your customer relationship.


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