Business of Tomorrow…it won’t likely emerge overnight and at times it’s probably going to get messy, a little like life or our lives as we go through the very natural process of evolution. 

Yesterday, Today and…Business of Tomorrow. 

Was it a coincidence that this episode came to life in Jan. 2020, just before our world shifted & we began asking, “what is Business of Tomorrow”? Well, it’s pretty hard for me to believe in ‘coincidences’ anymore, but I’ll let you decide… This much is TRUTH…where we are today, in this micro moment isn’t where we were a week ago, a year ago and it won’t be where we will be 100 years from now.

As I re-watched the holiday classic, Scrooged with Bill Murray (no relation LOL)…I was inspired to present some thoughts I’ve been collecting on business of yesterday, today and teeing up what I’ve encountered studying and working with people who are building businesses of tomorrow AND what I’ve come to define as marketing that means more today, so you can create more…tomorrow 

Here are three things I’ve learned working with and studying businesses of tomorrow that shaped my 10-year journey, becoming coherent and, making marketing mean more:

1 – Businesses of Tomorrow are returning to the spirit of being a craftsperson.

2 – Businesses of Tomorrow are evolving the their game and the way they play it, I am aligned with Simon Sinek when he says, Business is an Infinite Game.

3 – Businesses of Tomorrow are building forward through an evolving relationship – with the customer, as owners and in ‘relation’ to the community in which they dwell – local, regional, national AND global.

I’ve come to see them as one part MAVERICK • just the right blend of ‘rebel + just cause’ and one part MAVEN • knowledge-sharers, different-doers, change-makers and light-shedders.

I’ve found them MORE inside the smallest SMBs, perhaps because they like to stay nimble or because they have found that they can create exponentially more without necessarily growing in scale, either way, they are part of the ‘Tribe” that I resonate with…they may be small in size but they are MIGHTY in heart, vision and pure potential.


They are also a significant portion of what you’ll find inside my MIGHTY Community, and it’s where share and support their desire to match the Marketing with more Meaning, in order to amplify their business, their customers and themselves.

• Opportunities each month to connect, ideate and create more, together

• The A-Zs of Marketing that CREATES more, through the lens of relationship

• Regular experiences to infuse more meaning into the marketing, so you can use Marketing to infuse more into your business.