Trust. Customer Engagement.

Customer engagement. It’s a ‘buzzword’ yes, AND it’s part of the dynamic nature of building relationship with our customers and it happens across every stage of the Relationship Journey.

Engagement is Relationship in Action.


The quality of our customer connection is based on the level trust we have built, which is easy to get on board with in our people connections, but ironically, when we consider trust in consumer-brand relationships, we:

         • as consumers, become unbelievably tolerant to abuse, misuse or betrayals of trust; and,

• as business owners are often unaware when a customer is not ‘on our wavelength’ and the impact that has at multiple levels.​​

Becoming more coherent inside a MY solo business started with understanding the Contribution I wanted make to my Community of customers.


Susan Fournier (Boston University) fortified these insights with extensive research over the past 30 years.

Standing out among thousands of brands, outdoor clothing retailer, Patagonia helps frame what engagement can look like.

Creating ‘real’ relationships with their customers involves developing trust by simply, doing what they say they are going to do.

Patatgonia is very clear on their Contribution to their customer relationships – some of it is tangible, most of it is intangible – reflecting key cornerstones of who they are – from founder to front-facing retail staff.

“Yeah, but they’re Patagonia!”

It’s easy to believe that the bigger the ‘brand’ the more trust they are able to create; you and I both know that’s not always the case.

Many of those brands are burdened with complexity that small business can side-step in order create more with greater simplicity.


What is one thing your customers would say about you that would point to how you consistently do what you say you’re going to do?


If you have an immediate series of answers to that question, you have everything you need to connect more meaningfully with customers from beginning to end.


If you don’t see the immediate connection between trust and creating more inside the business, explore “business done differently” inside RECALIBRATE. 

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