Albert Einstein once said, “you can’t solve the problem with the same thinking that created the problem”. Personally and professionally, I can verify that Mr. Einstein was in fact correct…In this episode I’m going to Hamburg, Germany; tuning into the Human Brand (again); and, going back to something we learn as kids about the games we play.

Different Makes the Difference: The Return on Marketing (or…the return OF Marketing, Meaning, MORE)


One of my sisters got me on to watching Rick Steve’s YouTube series of his vast travels around Europe. In one episode, Rick is in Hamburg Germany and connects with a local tour guide there to get more of the backstory on the city, the history, the people.

As you might know after WWII, Hamburg became part of East Germany and the influence of communist political, social and economic beliefs prevailed until about 1989. Here’s what really landed for me.


East Germany and it’s people could not solve the problems that

had been created in their community, with the same practices, thinking or approaches that were already being used.

They had to do something different… they had to do things, differently.

They had to reframe their picture…over and over and over again, until in 1989, the Berlin Wall fell and Germany was unified again.


If Marketing, as a MICRO business owner (fewer than 6-7 employees or a Solopreneur) has lost its value, meaning or purpose for you or you are not getting the results, outcomes or a RETURN on marketing as you might expect/hope for…different makes the difference. If you need Marketing (and we all do) … and you need it make a more meaningful impact (and we all do) AND…


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