I had a dream last night, in truth it was more of a nightmare. As dreams tend to go it was a weird choppy mess but the message was clear.

Today over half of the business community is made of up solopreneurs, single-owner, no-employee businesses. That equates to 23 million businesses in North America. And that number appears to just keep growing for a lot of reasons, reasons that are likely going to be fuelled by other things over the next decade.

I want to say that by and large, I don’t think there has ever been a better time to step out into a solo business.

The way has been paved for those who can see through the creative lens of innovation to make a significant impact in our world. If you are inclined to do so, all of the pieces are there to shift the trajectory of business, society and culture for the better.

There is only one way that I’ve found to know who to listen to and who to politely thank for their counsel and then disregard. It’s by getting crystal clear on what I really, really want, from my business and for my customers.

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