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Beyond the one-size-fits-all options are light-weight solutions designed for solo and micro business owners, who want to balance commitment with cash-flow and connect with more through Marketing.

You are familiar with the concept of fractional ownership, but have you considered the potential of hiring a ‘fraction’ of a Marketing team?

None of us has a crystal ball; not one us knows what the future holds and solo and micro business owners are actively searching for ways to stabilize their investments in creating a functional business as they fuel their growth, which means different is what makes the difference.

The one-size-fits-all model that dominates Business & Marketing today focuses on full-time, full-service or specialists who are skilled, but don’t see the full picture. 

Your Light on Marketing team sees the whole big picture of Marketing, from 35,000 feet right down to the ‘daily doing’.

We strike the perfect balance between strategy, planning and implementation so you get just the right blend of ‘team’ for where you are right now and where you want Marketing to help you get to. 




“Tricia is a consummate professional! Her ability to move from a high level conversation, to how it impacts the plan, team & clients in multiple directions is why she’s on a short-list of partners I’ve come to rely on. I value her grounded, expansive perspective and unique point of view. I think she’s terrific.”

Scott T.

Contractor, British Columbia

Schedule 20-minutes to explore how a light-weight Marketing team layers in more, with less.

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