Why do 90% of solo & micro business owners I talk with say,


“I hate Marketing and wish I didn’t have to deal with it!”


I don’t ‘hate’ it per se, I simply don’t have the time or energy anymore.”


Get a Grip on Your Marketing | Tricia Murray, Light on Marketing

Wanna know a secret?

We don’t LOVE Marketing for an infinite number of reasons; and, at some point you WILL outgrow the ‘DIY Ninja’ role and start considering how to bring smart, talented Marketing minds into your business so you can refocus on contributing your core contribution where it creates real value. This eGuide will:

• Light up four simple principles that your Marketing needs to do in order to unlock more.

• Shine a light on my simple framework that connects your Marketing with more.

 • Shine a spotlight on whether your ready to level up; to illuminate more or release the burden of Marketing with three fractional solutions for:
   — DIY (done better)
   — DIWM (done with me via light touches)
   — DIFM (done for you with a fractional team)

My version of Marketing means clearing the field so you can see the pieces and the big picture more clearly. Marketing that creates more is being able to confidently JUSTIFY where your investing time, energy and money…now, next and in the near future.

A Light Moment with Tricia Murray

If this is your first encounter with me, I place an emphasis on ‘light’ from two directions – illumination and lifting the burden – because of the thousands of conversations I’ve had with small SMBs across North America…

…getting a grip on their Marketing stands at the forefront.

Sure, it’s about forward-thinking and it’s about present action…and my role is to equip solo and micro business owners bridge the GAPS between what they need right now…and where they want Marketing to take them next.


~ Tricia Murray | Light On Marketing


Becoming Coherent | Tricia Murray