Why do 90% of solo & micro business owners I talk with say,


“I hate Marketing and wish I didn’t have to deal with it!”


I actually love Marketing…I simply don’t have the time or energy anymore.”


Get a Grip! Your Marketing. Your Way. | Tricia Murray, Light on Marketing

And, why does Marketing seem to push us from one end of the spectrum to the other?

We LOVE (or hate) Marketing for an infinite number of reasons.

‘DIY Ninjas’ don’t love it when Marketing fails to produce the results they want. 

Whereas MICROs who have been creating more with their Marketing and are ready to level up…but aren’t quite ready for full-time or full-service, experience a different set of frustrations – finding solutions that let you  BE small and PLAY bigger, while balancing commitment and cash-flow. 

This LIGHT PAPER focuses tools to get a grip on your Marketing, which means:

  • Shining a light on simple principles and a four-step process to justify how much of your Marketing practice is showing up on your Scoreboard.
  • Magnifying more of what you need right now and where your Marketing may be out of alignment if it’s not creating more.
  • Spotlighting three solutions to recalibrate Plan A, B, C (or the ‘No-Plan’ plan) and move your Marketing from A to B (and beyond).

Marketing in the 21st century is going to mean clearing the field.

It has been made so much more complicated than it needs to be and together we can bring it all back down to ground zero where you see more, open to more, relate to more and experience more from the time, energy and money you are investing in Marketing!

A Light Moment with Tricia Murray

If this is your first encounter with Light on Marketing, we place an emphasis on ‘light’ from two directions – illumination and lifting the burden.

After hundreds of conversations with small SMBs across North America it became apparent that Marketing was weighing them down because it wasn’t clear, understandable, ‘friendly’ to them and more.

Yes, it’s about forward-thinking and incorporating present action to close the gaps between here and there and wherever you want Marketing to take your business next. 



Tricia Murray, Director & CMO

Becoming Coherent | Tricia Murray