For small SMBs who struggle to validate how much of their time, energy or money investments in Marketing are adding up to more

‘GET A GRIP on Marketing to Create More’ breaks down one process, four core principles and offers a sufficiently simple practice for you to be able to answer…

Get a Grip on Marketing to Create More | 360 Mini Marketing Audit | Tricia Murray, Light on Marketing

…What MORE do you need right now in order for Marketing to create more?

If the answer is anything less than clear, understandable and aligned with your Endgame, this eGuide will create coherence by:

• Shedding Light on FOUR simple ‘Master Keys’; principles that unlock more of the Marketing & the Meaning for the More;

• Shining a Light on the Four Foundations™ of my process, for Marketing to more consistently create more;

 • Sharing a sufficiently simplified practice to place a spotlight on YOUR Marketing; a 360 Mini Marketing Audit – and see more of the shifts you may want to make, right now.  

The core purpose of the 360 Marketing Audit isn’t to JUDGE right/wrong, good/bad.

It’s to be able to confidently JUSTIFY how much more (or less) Marketing you need…

…now, next or never.

A Light Moment with Ms. Right Now

If this is your first encounter with me Ms. Right Now (…for Marketing), which came to life as I reflected on the conversations I was having with small SMBs across North America…

“what more do you need from Marketing, right now?“; where is Marketing creating more for you, right now?”; and, of course a classic,“how can Marketing help you create more, right now?”

Getting a grip on Marketing is about forward-thinking and planning and it’s about present action, in the ‘now’; yet, there is often a GAP between being able to see what’s working (and what isn’t) — we need to infuse more light into your Marketing.

This eGuide focuses on THREE things (process, principles and practice) to help you set a shed some light, to discover, determine and then decide what direction is right for you, right now.

Simplify? Diversify? Magnify? …or something more?



~ Tricia Murray | Light On Marketing
…Creating More Because it Means More.

Becoming Coherent | Tricia Murray