For small SMBs who struggle to justify their time, energy or money investments in Marketing…

this quick-start guide helps you ‘get a grip’ on YOUR Marketing – from the Endgame to the Scoreboard.

Get a Grip on Marketing to Create More | 360 Mini Marketing Audit | Tricia Murray, Light on Marketing

What more (or less) do you need from Marketing, right now, to create more?

• Shed Light on simple ‘master keys’ or principles that unlock more;

• Shine a Light on the foundations of Marketing that consistently creates more;

 • Step yourself through a sufficiently simplified practice – a 360º Mini Marketing Audit – to see what’s lining up, where you need to focus and how much needs to shift to manifest more.  

Getting a grip on Marketing today means clearing the field, so to speak. Seeing the pieces and the big picture more clearly and being able to confidently JUSTIFY where your time, energy and money is going to create the most…now, next and in the near future.

A Light Moment with Tricia Murray

If this is your first encounter with me, I place an emphasis on ‘right for you, right now’ because of thousands of conversations I’ve had with small SMBs across North America…

“what more do you need from Marketing, right now?“; where is Marketing creating more for you, right now?”; and, of course a classic,“how can Marketing help you create more, right now?”

Getting a grip on your Marketing is about forward-thinking and planning and it’s about present action…in the ‘now’; yet, there is often a GAP between being able to see what’s working (and what isn’t).

This Quick-Start Guide shines a light on your Marketing to help you determine and then decide what direction is right for you, right now.

Simplify? Diversify? Magnify? …or something more?



~ Tricia Murray | Light On Marketing

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