We have lived for 150 years with a very distinct paradigm in business and the whole ‘rise of the Divine Feminine’ is a powerful shift to move the pendulum in a different direction, tune in, for how is this impacting Marketing and Business…

I’ve referred to the Hermetic Tradition before and the seven universal principles that underscore everything in our universe.

Principle #7 is the principle of gender and it holds that there are masculine and feminine characteristics in everything across our known universe…from art & design, language, people, animals, plants, minerals and even my favourite sidebar topic, physics, where energy is described in electrons and protons, balancing inside a neutron.

These characteristics are not the same as the current discussion about gender neutrality or trans-gender, but rather, this principles focus on the inherent characteristics of something or someone.

Some people or things have more or less masculine or feminine traits or qualities to them. And both sides are essential to remaining in-sync, creative and productive.

This re-balancing in the broader scope is vital to our business world for a lot of reasons. Tune Into More in this episode.

You can see almost instantly when your ‘Marketing’ energy is out of alignment – you may be pushing to ‘make it work’ or finding yourself continually ‘shaking the snowglobe’ (or a thousand places in-between). Finding your own Zone of Coherence is something you can start to sync up with inside my Mighty Community where you can connect with:


• Architecting from the Heart, Building with the Head and Recalibrating with a periodic AUDIT to asses, ‘what more do you need, right now?’

• Building from a solid foundation starts with a sufficiently clear Endgame, Game Plan and Playbook AND ensuring that is all lining up with what you see on the Scoreboard.

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