This episode…Oh the MIRONY of it all…

It’s a word a new friend of mine uses, her last name is Myronuk, and my interpretation is the subtle little ‘ironies’ that occur for us.

Like being the one to be SO convinced by The Human Brand that the power of relationship is the key to unlocking more – more meaning, more with marketing and more inside our business and beyond…and how much I needed to UN-learn in order to connect to more, inside the ‘Relationship Renaissance’.

I believe 2020 has changed the game in much the same way the Italian Renaissance and the Industrial Revolution changed the game…

…the way Napster, Netflix and New Kids on The Block, changed the music game.

And when the game gets changed, it presses us forward to find our way, to create more and experience more.

This episode shows just how ‘mironic’ I find it that I am the one who has been so impacted by the science of customer-brand relationships that it is now a core component of what I share about what makes marketing more meaningful AND how to reconcile the whole big world OF marketing for more meaning to us within our corner of the Universe…

I also share a handful of pieces that have stayed with me and galvanized my belief that the ‘relationship renaissance’ will transpire / is already underway and if all of this sounds like I’m on your wavelength, frames what you’ll find with me in the navigator seat as Ms. Right Now…for Marketing, Meaning & More.

Coherent U | 12-Day Marketing Mashup | Tricia Murray
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