WHAT IF…I think it’s one of the most powerful questions we can ask and when filtered through business and Marketing…we can get to answers that MEAN more…


I have an affinity for superhero and sports movies, even sports I don’t care to watch live – like baseball.

 Movies like Moneyball, For the Love of the Game, The Blind Side and Remember the Titans – all mirror the Hero’s Journey; the framework developed by Joseph Campbell for understanding the human journey

They seem to reframe things with a short but powerful question, what if? 

In Moneyball, Billy Beane is forced to asked the question, because as the general manager of a Major league baseball team with a budget about 30% the size of that of the New York Yankees, he starts to see things differently to the way conventional baseball thinks.

One degree of difference changes our Marketing what ifs … from panic to possibility.


What if, Marketing isn’t about competition? 

What if … Marketing is about tuning into the entirely unique and creative contribution you can make through your business, and in doing so attract the people who need most?

What if … we moved away from thinking of customers as transactions and see the true power of cultivating relationship?

What if, as you envision or re-envision your business, you started with the life 360º that you want for yourself?  What kind of a business would you build? AND…

What if Marketing is here – ready and waiting – to serve your ability to amplify more of that today? 


If you haven’t noticed, I like to challenge the status quo – on Marketing, Meaning & More. What IF Marketing is ready and waiting to SERVE you; to lift you and your business higher? Well, that will take a paradigm shift because chances are, like most of us, most of the time, you FEEL trapped on or under the Mountain of Marketing. 


It doesn’t have to be that way…start to flip the paradigm in this 5-DAY CHALLENGE (…the Marketing Status Quo):

• Day 1 • The Mountain of Marketing
• Day 2 • Different makes the Differentiator
• Day 3 • Let go of the ‘Ideal’ to Lean into the REAL
• Day 4 • Dear Marketing…

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