Laser-Focused 3-Pack | Tricia Murray • Light on Marketing

Laser-Focused 3-Pack: One-To-One with My Marketing Mind

Restore More, Laser-Focused 3-Pack | Tricia Murray • Light on Marketing

Your Marketing.

Your Way.

My Marketing Mind. 

Laser-Focused. Three Hours. You and Me Time.

  • Clarify more of your Endgame for Marketing – your brand position, your customer customer profile – with less game-playing.
  • Amplify where your Game Plan or Playbook  needs to be simplified or diversified…to put more on your Scoreboard.
  • Magnify a single problem or work through a 360º Mini Marketing Audit to take the guesswork out of what more (or less) you need from Marketing, right now.

Combine the power of collaboration and critical thinking with your own internal compass, to find solutions that solve more.

Use your 3-pack in 20- or 40-minute blocks or create a dedicated half-day workshop setting, and specific support from my Marketing mind.

All one-to-one sessions are hosted via Zoom. All dollars are in CAD and exclude applicable taxes. Purchase of this package signals acceptance of my coherent privacy policy and terms of use, which you can access below.


“I was so frustrated with the ‘my way or the highway’ kind of thinking in Marketing. Tricia is a breath of fresh air! She shares openly from her array of frameworks to make Marketing more meaninfgul, she offers her knowledge and insights and counsel and, continually invites me to decide what I need and what fits for me.”

Josie B.

Naturopath Clinic, California


I’ve spent more than my fair share of time, energy and money on solutions that didn’t really solve anything and I have invested far more than should be necessary to get to know if someone is on our wavelength.

Most of those rabbit holes were because someone was offering too little for, or asking too much of my time, energy or money to determine if they had the ‘goods’ and were a ‘good fit’ for me.

This three pack is designed to side-step the too much / not enough dilemma and provide ‘just right’ for you or, for now…



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