In a previous post I shared that the only way I found to create more than a life of work was to ‘change the view from where I stood’. It’s probably going to be helpful to read that post, before diving into this one otherwise it won’t make much sense.

The second Wednesday of every month I’m posting something intended to change ‘the view from where YOU stood (stand)’. I reaching back into the time capsule of what amounted to a VERY lengthy process. Primarily because I had some re-wiring to do.

I had/have a tendency to make thing really, really difficult and had to learn how to allow things to be more simple. For example… What do you think of when you hear someone say ‘manifesting’?

Well, if you’re where I was in 2007, you would have thought, airy-fairy, mamby-pamby, mumbo-jumbo. I have no time to magic! Which brings us to this version of Turning Turtle.


Manifesting is not magic; it’s methodical.

The simplest way I’ve found to make things simpler, is by going back to the purest idea of that thing – in this case, the word.

Manifesting means“to see; to make something visible to the mind or to the eye”. (Oxford & Webster)

See, manifesting is not airy-fairy, mamby-pamby, mooey-wooey…it is a curious blend of science and art. Like the art and science of the horses pulling the carts.

When I find myself spinning my wheels, trying harder, pushing rocks uphill, doing FAR more than I know I could ever sustain and, in general, making everything SO much more complicated than necessary, it’s because I have put the cart before the horse.

We get tired, worn out and ‘work-weary’ when we go straight to filling a cart full of actions and activities before we’ve harnessed the horsepower of seeing the endgame more clearly, coherently.


January: The Month of ‘Resolutions’

Resolutions are intended to help us to create more of something. Yet,

Your ability to succeed in attaining that ‘something’, whatever your version of more may be;

depends on your ability to SEE – clearly & consistently – the ultimate endgame.

We can work with the best coaches, teachers and change makers in the world who can help us see more clearly, but unless WE can see it…well, let’s put it this way, by most estimates whatever resolution we set on January 1st has the majority of us fizzling out by the 12th (of January)…ridiculously dismal, I know.

Put the horse first

So how do we make past January 12th (‘Quitter’s Day) and for that matter, how do we create more than a life of work?

Step 1 – Get quiet. No seriously, take yourself to a physical place with few distractions.

Step 2 – Bring your resolution (or your version of more) to mind. What does it look like? What area of your life will be most impacted by you making it past the 12th of January? or June? or December? Better yet, WHO will be most impacted?

Step 3 – Stay there. Stay in that place. Look at every conceivable, potential upside of your resolution. The outcome, the impact and the people. Look at it like you would a rare or ancient artifact or a work of art in a museum or, like you would the instruction manual of your next IKEA project. Walk around it, look at it from different angles, step back, step closer. Study it. And then, notice what it feels like…are you psyched? are you bored? are you sleeping?

Does if feel like ‘Yes! And…’ OR more like ‘Yeah, But…’?

There is no step four until you get to ‘Yes, And’! Why?

Wallace D. Wattles, author of the Science of Getting Rich says (paraphrased) without a clear mental picture we will struggle to achieve success because we can’t create a ‘sufficient number of efficient actions’.

In other words, our head (the cart) can’t organize itself or us to carry out the next ‘efficient’ steps because our heart (the horse) is disengaged, there’s no power to continue moving us toward the completion of the resolution.

Manifesting is not magic! It’s methodical.

If you want to continue to ‘turn turtle’ and connect to M.O.R.E. methodically, join me in an upcoming live webinar, where I will:

  • identify how you know if you have a ‘cart before the horse’ tendency inside the business or beyond.
  • share the master key for creating more coherently (aka without all the unnecessary wheel spinning).
  • break down four basic principles that reconnect the horsepower to the cart to experience more, in the business and a Life 360.