Did you have a ‘visceral’ reaction to the word ‘ manifesting’?

In a previous post I shared that one way I found to create more than a Life of Work was to ‘change the view from where I stood’. It’s probably going to be helpful to read that post, before diving into this one otherwise it won’t make much sense.

The second Wednesday of every month I’m posting something intended to change ‘the view from where YOU stood (stand)’. I reach back into the time capsule of what amounted to a VERY lengthy process. Primarily because I had some re-wiring to do.

I had a tendency to want to make thing really, really difficult and I had to learn how to allow things to be more simple. For example…’manifesting’?

If you are anywhere near, where I was in 2011 (burned out, worn down and work-weary)…you would have had a visceral reaction to the word; probably thinking, ‘airy-fairy, mamby-pamby, mumbo-jumbo. I have no time to magic!’

Which brings us to this version of Turning Turtle.


“Manifesting” More and Moving Business Forward is not magic, it’s methodical.

I HATED this word for SO long…it felt airy-fairy, ethereal and the scientist in me, could find no real hard science that would prove that ‘manifesting’ was a thing…and over time, I have come to find that the simplest way to make things more simple, is by going back to the purest idea of that thing – in this case, the word.

Manifesting means“to see; to make something visible to the mind or to the eye”. (Oxford & Webster)

Manifesting is not airy-fairy, mamby-pamby, mooey-wooey…it is FAR more science than spiritual (if this is your first encounter with me, you should know that I think these two things are like yin/yang – two sides of the same coin).

But, back to manifesting…there is a science to it, like the science of the horses pulling the carts.

When I find myself spinning my wheels, trying harder, pushing rocks uphill, doing FAR more than I know I could ever sustain and, in general, making everything SO much more complicated than necessary, it’s because I have put the cart before the horse.

We get tired, worn down and ‘work-weary’ when we go straight to filling a cart full of actions and activities; before we’ve harnessed the horsepower of seeing the endgame more clearly, consistently and in a way that makes sense for us.


Manifesting, ‘Resolutions’, Horses and Carts

Resolutions are intended to help us to create more or experience more of something.

Your ability to succeed in attaining that ‘something’ depends on your ability to SEE it – clearly & consistently.

That means manifesting. We can work with the best coaches, teachers and change makers in the world who can help us see more clearly, but unless WE can actually see it…we have a cart and no horse.

But then it’s about this pain-in-the-ass piece of methodically putting our ‘willpower’ to work; ‘being resolved’ to putting the ‘power’ into getting the horse moving in the right direction, the dogged determination or, as Napoleon Hill puts it, in the cult-classic Think and Grow Rich, harnessing “a burning desire” to see it through.

The horse by most accounts is our mind, our imagination which comes back to manifesting and seeing something, making it visible in our mind first. Everything in our world that has ever been created (or ever will be) started as an idea in someone’s mind…which I tend to think of as the intersection between my brain and my heart – my instinct, intellect and intuition.

The cart, according to Wallace D. Wattles in The Science of Getting Rich, comes last. It is where we put the most effective actions that we can conjure or conceive to bring the mind-picture to life, where we can see it with our eyes. I love what he says in this book about actions, “a sufficient number of effective actions and you can’t help but become rich; whereas no sufficient number of ineffective actions will ever produce riches.”

What’s sufficient? What’s effective?

Sufficient = enough. Effective = successful.

Enough, successful, actions.


Put the horse first

So how do we SEE more clearly, how do we ‘manifest’? Better yet, how do I manifest?

First I’m not a big fan of vision boards but they are making a comeback AND I do believe they can be very effective at getting the horse moving in the right direction.

Step 1 – I find an image – physical or mental – that means something to ME. If it doesn’t mean anything to ME personally I can’t find the burning desire to create it…What does it look like for you? What area of your life will be most impacted by you creating it and better yet, WHO will be most impacted?

Step 2 – I stay there; in that place. I look at every conceivable, potential upside of what that ‘creation’ will produce – what I will be able to experience more of when I create it…Look at the outcomes, the ripple effect, the impact to people. Look at it like you would a rare or ancient artifact or a work of art in a museum or, like you would the instruction manual of your next IKEA project.

Step 3 – I go to work; I have tried SO many things (which the scientist in my loved) I’ve had hits and misses, I’ve engaged in more than my fair share of ‘ineffective actions’ and a refine, reimagine, and replace AND I continually open myself up to the possibility that it may come together differently than I imagine. My coach taught me to put a bow on ‘manifesting’ with a simple statement, ‘this or something better’…which leaves the door open for the Quantum Universe to knit it together in a way that might look like what I’ve got baking in the oven or ‘something better’.


Manifesting is not magic!

Moving business forward when you

bump up against ANY edge is methodical.

I’ve found that as I have reframed, realigned and restored the relationship with Business & Beyond, my ability do so ‘coherently’ involved understanding the foundational role of ‘manifesting’…of seeing what I want with greater and greater clarity, consistency and making it visible in a way that is understandable, to me and my people.

If you’re resonating with what I’ve shared or the way I’ve shared it, AND you feel like you should be ‘manifesting’ more…moving forward, making more progress…first – breathe…you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be.

Second…it’s time to make a new plan, to set a new course heading and RECALIBRATE, one degree at a time, which as luck would have it…you can do inside Coherent U.


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