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with a 360 Marketing Audit that means more.




Before you ADD more tasks or staff or SPEND more time/energy/money on ‘making it work’ … 


…before you RE-BRAND, RE-THINK your product/service mix or your promotion cycle or spend another hour REVISITNG your customer profiles…


…RECALIBRATE and REFRAME what you’ve got right now for more through a 360 Marketing Audit.



• LIGHT #1 •


spending more is not my Endgame; that game typically means you aren’t the one who comes out on top. This audit is designed to help you see more in 360º and evaluate what’s truly adding more (& what isn’t), in order to make solid decisions about what to adjust.

• LIGHT #2 •


…I have no vested interest in what your audit reveals except this — that you are able to justify how much more (or less) you need. Knowing whether you need a clearer Endgame, a different Game Plan or a more effective Playbook saves you time, energy and money and puts more on your Scoreboard.

• LIGHT #3 •


Yes, the findings will be understandable but my audits don’t simply focus on numbers or ‘data’. This isn’t about judging anyone or anything; labelling it as right/wrong. We want to remain focused on reframing your marketing, what it means and how it connects in your mind, so that your Marketing can create more by connecting with more of your of customers.


The Micro Marketing Audit...

reveals what often gets concealed. When that happens for a business owner Marketing starts to create less.

A Micro Marketing Audit that means more.

MICRO doesn’t mean small…it means focused ‘within’. Within your existing Game Plan and Playbook, and the Micro Marketing Audit provides a clear line of sight to how much of your Endgame is showing up on your Scoreboard.

Marketing has become synonymous with ‘advertising’; advertising IS one part of Marketing and there is simply more at play that could be keeping you from creating more…can you see the whole picture and how each of the pieces are fitting together (or not)?

I prepared my first audit in 2007 and it started with looking at the client’s ‘advertising’ and has evolved into so much more.

That first client asked me to audit their advertising because they felt like something was ‘off’. Really, what they wanted was the serenity that comes with knowing what specifically didn’t feel right for them and, the corresponding courage to make changes.

What their audit revealed was ONE thing was consuming almost 80% of their ‘advertising’ budget (which is ONE part of your Marketing budget) …and they went from wrestling with the ‘what’ to deciding ‘what next’ from a place of strong, inner wisdom.

Ms. Right Now audits & assesses so you know what to adjust.

The Micro Marketing Audit includes:    

 — A Spotlight Session to detect, discover and determine what what key decisions you want to be able to make from the audit.

— Key information and insights, from within your business, customer connections, Marketing and more. 

 — Review and reframe your Endgame, Game Plan and Playbook to see where more is possible on your Scoreboard.

 — Return with Now, Next and Near Future recommendations to realign your Marketing with your way, for more.

— Readable and actionable audit report with complementary visuals.

— Audit Delivery Session.  

“When I needed someone to help me work through to clear action steps that can help me shift a client’s Game Plan, Tricia adds clarity to the project. Her support in my business to connect more of the full-scope of marketing moves me forward faster than trying to figure it all out on my own.”

Tammy M.

Digital Marketing Agency, Ontario

Schedule a light moment to explore more of how an Audit can take the guesswork out of where to refocus.

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