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Move your Marketing to the next level by redesigning your Endgame, Playbook, Game Plan & Scoreboard, across the whole spectrum of Marketing. 

I’ve prepared hundreds of Marketing plans, run hundreds more for brands – big and small – and what I know is…you need to SEE it in order to CREATE it.

If your Marketing is not lining up with creating more… 

…and, if it feels like you’re spinning your wheels, getting caught in the quicksand of tactical execution and it’s just NOT adding up to more points, more progress and more of your whole big picture.

This Focused Fusion package has been designed to blend the best of both worlds:

•  LIGHT level of support from my Marketing Mind with,

• a LIMITED time engagement that pulls all the pieces together and recalibrate your Plan A, B, C (or the no-plan plan) for more!


My approach is specifically designed for business owners with fewer than 6-8 people who want to their Marketing to balance ACTION  & ASSESSMENT within a straight-forward, structured GAME PLAN for an internal team to keep moving the ball down the field.

You can also pair your Game Plan redesign with an ULTRA LIGHT Fractional Marketing Team (Director + Coordinator). Once the plan is structured, we’ll shift from planning to implementation, for a fraction of FTE commitment & cash-flow.


My Marketing Mind shines a spotlight on the pieces and fuses your Endgame, Playbook, Game Plan and Scoreboard together for more.

The Focused Fusion package includes: 

  Spotlight Session(s) to draw relevant information from within your own mind and/or your team and then we jam on something more.

  Essential Marketing “Intel” and relevant Insights from inside out; focusing on significant current customer touchstones plus important consumer trends.

  Craft a clear picture of your Contribution to the playing field; a comparative player analysis and what that all means for your position on the field; plus identify what distinguishes your Community from core fans to those in the crowd and discover key Cornerstones that unite your value, your message and your meaning. 

  Develop a simplified Playbook that incorporates product/service packages, promotions, platforms and primary pathways to initiate, cultivate, nurture and amplify your customer relationships. 

 —  Co-create a Marketing Game Plan with just the right mix plays from your Playbook to create clarity month by month; provide consistent messaging and fortify the foundation for meaningful, mutual customer connections. 

 Regular milestones from start to finish that reframe and realign our progress, with fewer ‘ta-da’ moments that fall short. 

Recalibrate and Redesign your Marketing Game Plan for $6,600!

“Tricia is a consummate professional! Her ability to move from a high level conversation, to how it impacts the plan, team & clients in multiple directions is why she’s on a short-list of partners I’ve come to rely on. I value her grounded, expansive perspective and unique point of view. I think she’s terrific.”

Scott T.

Contractor, British Columbia

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