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Light Support Designing Your Marketing Game Plan

…to move your business to the next level with more of the ‘macro’ Marketing big picture, for a small business. 

More of the big picture,
for more in your picture.

You know when something is shifting in the ‘ether’ or simply not lining up…we ALL know. What we struggle with is putting our finger on the specifics – what, where, when, who and how much.

That’s the big picture, where things ‘out there’ have a direct influence on what you are doing ‘in here’…inside your business, with your customers.

I’ve prepared hundreds of Marketing plans, run hundreds more Marketing projects for brands – big and small – and what I know is this…we need to SEE it to SHIFT it and collaborating together is what enables you and your team to OWN it and CREATE it.

My planning package has been designed to blend the best of both worlds – deliver what most small business owners really want to know and often don’t have time, energy or capacity to uncover from within, alongside a seasoned veteran who works with your team (vs. against them) to put more points on the board.

*Designs focused on businesses with 5-10 ppl or $500,000-$1,000,000 in top-line revenue. Alternative options available for Non-Profit organizations and Solopreneurs.

Magnifying your Marketing Plan with a light level co-creation and critical support, including: 

  Spotlight Session(s) to draw the key information and insights from within.

  Research and reframing the relevant market trends, customer & consumer information for your business.

  Crafting a clear picture of your brand’s position on the field, PLUS, identifying what distinguishes core fans from the loyal but potential less-engaged audience profile(s).

  Structuring a strategic working session with your internal team to amplify and own more of your Marketing Endgame.

  Co-creating a 3-6 month Marketing Game Plan with key players, focused on specific promotional windows, platform-integration and the right pathways for you, to intercept the customer relationship journey.

 Connecting a critical points throughout the year to recalibrate and realign, based on what’s showing up on your Scoreboard. 

• Marketing Game Plan Design •

“Tricia is a consummate professional! Her ability to move from a high level conversation, to how it impacts our plan, team & clients in multiple directions is why she’s on a short-list of partners I’ve come to rely on. I value her grounded, expansive perspective and unique point of view. I think she’s terrific.”

Scott T.

Contractor, British Columbia

Schedule 20-minutes to explore if light support designing a Marketing Game Plan can simplify more.

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