In 2016, I reached out to 100 small business owners to ask them what MORE they needed from Marketing right now…in order for marketing to create more for them, their business and their customers. They spoke openly, honestly and some invited me into a very emotional conversation about the pain points, problems and the underlying feeling that “Marketing”, was letting them down.

It galvanized me to go and find a better way…

A way to make marketing MEAN more, in general terms and for marketing to be more meaningful to individual business owners, so they could use it more effectively, to create more. And that means recalibrating the marketing, the meaning and the more…by challenging the status quo – how we see marketing, talk about and embody it.

This episode is a mashup of the marketing and the meaning from significant insights taken from those conversations and the process, principles and practice of growing more in our marketing garden.


CONNECT TO MORERethinking Marketing Problems with The Relationship Triangle

A Micro Moment or More | with Ms. Right Now (for Marketing), Tricia Murray

Before you ADD more, SPEND more or LAYER more in, I offer just the right blend of ‘right now’ counsel, coaching and co-creation for you to MAGNIFY more of what you need right now:

• A 20-minute Exploratory Call with three steps to help you DETECT, DIAGNOSE and DECIDE.

• More hands-on help in a Laser-Focused 3-Pack to find the specific pain point, root problem & marketing solutions for you or for now.