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What more would you like to know to inform and influence your Marketing effectiveness?

Everything is always changing and most small business owners would love to know…yet, few have time, energy or dedicated resources to collect, contrast and draw coherent conclusions from research that’s important, relevant and significant … for them.

There are an infinite number of rabbit holes we could go down but three are most pertinent for today’s small business marketer or business owner.

 Industry & Insights

 Comparative (versus competitive)



The Marketing Research Package can be organized to focus on one specific element or mixed and matched based on what you need right now. 

Research designed to uncover what you want to know and what will enable your Marketing to create more: 


• Draw from the reservoir of work I’m collecting as I scan the landscape for diverse and divergent pieces likely to impact business and marketing in rapidly changing world.

•  Deploy me to find what’s behind the shifts you are feeling or search for key elements that might be in your blind-spot right now.



• In my world I don’t really see Marketing or Business through the competitive lens; I see it as a series of comparisons and contrasts consumers make and when we get crystal clear on what you’re all about, we can identify who else is on the playing field with you and how you (can) stand out.



 • Next to understanding your position or ‘brand’ of different, the only thing more important to fortifying your position on the field is understanding your customer and the consumers who don’t know about you yet – that look, sound and behave like those who do.


“I don’t know anyone who understands the subtle nuances of research and can draw out what’s most important for us to consider. Tricia goes beyond pure numbers and statistics to frame what it means for our clients. She focuses on letting the research guide decisions rather than dictate them.”

Brett S.

Business Consultant, Colorado

Schedule 45-minutes now to explore how shining a light on your industry, your customer or those who share your playing field, can help you create more.

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