Coming out of a recent experience I began thinking about the difference between being OF service, and being IN service. 

Marketing OF Service is IN Service to Your Business Endgame.

There are most definitely times when the role and purpose of Marketing is clearly both OF service and IN service.

 We like to be of service to someone and in business, a lot of what we are compensated on, is our ability to be OF service. Whether your business is a product or service, whether you sell packages or programs, widgets or an experience, there is some element or degree of service at play. 

Coming out of a recent experience I began thinking about the difference between being OF service, and being IN service.

If you’re a clever minx and you probably are – you’ll be able to take these insights from the micro into the macro and see your Business and Marketing as a container and a conduit – OF service and IN service – to something so much greater than the widgets, packages, P&L or year over year goals you set.


“I think we’re trained and taught – in business and in life – to be OF service. To do things for people, to provide a product or a tangible service that helps them…and of course, that’s not a bad thing. But, we’re also VERY often trained in business to evaluate our worth or contribution largely based on what we can see, the tangible output—the performance. Hence, performance reviews and key ‘performance’ indicators. But I think that is the micro side of service…being OF service has meaning and it has value and it’s the tangible Contribution that we make to our customer relationships.”

As I replayed the situation that inspired this podcast, I saw very clearly – in the macro sense – that I was IN service to something so much bigger than whatever my vision was for the situation.

Approximately, 98% of the world’s population believes in something bigger than themselves – The Divine, Quantum, Infinite Intelligence, God, Allah, Brahma, Yayweh – I am a part of that group. I don’t know what it is specifically, I don’t know who they are precisely, but I’ve taken to calling them SAM. Some-Amazing-Mashup of everything that I’ve studied inside many of the world’s most ancient spiritual traditions, quantum mechanics and universal law.

I was IN service to something bigger than my own vision for that situation and that whatever “SAM” intended for that audience to hear, is what was communicated – even though by all of my typical ‘performance’ measures – the experience was an epic failure.

In those moments, our service can’t BE measured. It can’t be ‘reviewed’ by performance or Google or Yelp. It can’t be quantified with our intellectual mind, but the service is STILL there. It’s intangible and it’s tricky to articulate.


Marketing OF service — is IN Service to your Endgame for the business.


What you want for your customers, as an owner and for your team. Marketing is both OF service and IN Service when it is bringing more of your amazing mashup of Contribution, Community and Cornerstone Value to life through your Game Plan, Playbook and only some of that will show up on your Scoreboard.

Steve Jobs once said that you won’t be able to connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them by looking backward. What that means to Marketing is that it’s helpful to pause every so often and look back; to see which dots are connecting and which ones aren’t.

I’ve designed a process that guides micro-business owners (<9 employees) through a Marketing Audit in order to SEE more of what is of service and what needs to SHIFT to serve more of your Endgame. Through the Micro Marketing Audit you and I will:

• step back to see more of the big picture of Marketing and how it is SERVING your Endgame

• connects the dots between your Marketing Playbook and Game Plan and what you (want to) see on the Scoreboard

• restore the power and potential of Marketing to serve the business in creating MORE, very often with less.

90 Days to More | Marketing Audit | Tricia Murray