When we are facing uncertainty in business, and even in times of plenty, we can find ourselves ‘out of alignment’ where we feel a little (or a lot) off balance.

How do you keep yourself focused on your Endgame and making progress when everything around you seems to be rocking and rolling?

The uncertainty can be amplified by what we see happening all around us leading us to believe that:

  • wells of resources and money etc., have literally dried up overnight, or
  • our capacity for seeing opportunities and thinking of new ideas has been locked from the outside, or
  • the individual and collective source of pure potential has been disconnected.

The MONEY, IDEAS, OPPORTUNITY, POTENTIAL haven’t ‘gone’ anywhere.

In the Quantum Realm it is ALL still right here. NOW.


What has shifted is how clearly, consistently and understandably we can line ourselves up to those things — as the world around us shifts and evolves and recalibrates.

Quantum Leaps

The culture of Business tends to project an illusion that everyone who ‘succeeds’ did so in Quantum Leaps, which is partly true and terribly misunderstood.

The great ‘TA-DA’ moments, monumental and overnight achievements are what we see…but there’s SO much more going on below the surface.

Now, if you’ve been in business for any period of time you know how true this is, yet, we still tend to hope that we will be the ONE to:

  • Experience the quantum leap
  • Load the one silver bullet.
  • Land a hail-mary pass, or
  • Find the magic bean.


For years I’ve supported big businesses and small in creating more by reconciling that the number of hail-mary passes that win championships are incredibly low.

And I still think it goes without saying, silver bullets and magic beans are the by-product of folk legends and fairy tales.


Quantum Keys

The field of quantum physics studies the smallest particles of our world; the tiniest building blocks that make up everything we see.

Quantum physicists see our world differently; as waves of light, sound or energy that are vibrating at specific frequencies, creating specific patterns and taking specific forms.

Packed into what I’ve learned over the past eight years about ‘spiritual laws’, universal principles and quantum theory are simple ‘keys’ that unlock doors (from the inside) more quickly and, unlock specific doors – inside business and beyond.

Going ‘quantum’ in the business holds untapped potential.


Building a Quantum Business

I’ve heard story after story and had experience after experience that proves the ‘Quantum Leap’ is possible. Maybe (or maybe not) the way sci-fi movies tells the story.

What I’ve seen reflected in those stories from others and in my own experience is that ‘quantum keys’ open a series of doors, one at a time, to create those ‘leap’ moments.

When you’re in a wind-tunnel, standing in just the right spot you can feel nothing and hear nothing but stillness and quiet.
But shift yourself by one degree (or 10) and you feel and hear the wind all around you and you see the effects of your new alignment.

The Quantum Leap doesn’t just happen. It happens because you’ve progressively lined yourself up to experience a leap forward.

Quantum keys are the small, tiny movements – the almost intangible things – that unlock one door and then another in the quantum realm and create the tangible effects we see and experience in this realm – in our business and beyond.

Facing uncertainty in business we have any number of options:

  • push ourselves to the edge by doing and enduring more, making it work
  • back away from the edge but ride out the chaos of the storm or
  • line ourselves up to create the effects we want to experience on the other side of uncertainty


The Divine | Quantum Connection is my language for bridging the esoteric with the effective; merging the mystery of science and spirituality to create the experience of more. It is one of three fundamental relationships I had to reshape in order to create more and experience more.

The relationship between the micro movements and the ripple effects that appear in our macro world; between the intangible and the tangible.

The micro moves we make in this tangible realm (eg: our business) create a ripple across the ‘intangible’ quantum realm, which ripple back out take form in our macro world (eg: our customers).

Over the past eight years, I’ve been studying and practicing a mash-up of the science and spiritual sides of the Divine | Quantum Connection. And it’s allowed me to reach beyond the conventional, around “Business” and life as a Solopreneur, to reshape the conversation I have with business owners today – about their business and the beyond.

There have been multiple times when I’ve been facing uncertainty in business (and beyond) over the past decade and what I’ve learned is,

if we are NOT creating more and experiencing more; it’s because we’re looking ‘out there’ for what needs to be unlocked ‘in here’ – within the owner, the business, the customer relationship and yes, beyond.

We are look across our macro world and see contraction and scarcity, competition and conflict. We see others choosing to stand at the edge, back away, hunker down and protect what they have and we conclude the only course of action is to ride out the storm.

Which may be right for them and, not for us.

Their way is not our way; our way is not theirs.

Each time I stayed; waiting for something ‘out there’ to change I found myself in a holding pattern, which took longer to break out of than if I’d continued to make micro moves.

Each time I used one of the ‘quantum keys’ within my own world and business, I would see another ripple and feel more movement around me. I would see the effect of another door being opened because I was opening the door from my side.


If you are ready to reach beyond the conventional to find what’s still ‘right there’ the quantum, I invite you to join us inside Coherent U at BASECAMP. Start working with Tools of our Member’s Trades to create more, experience more through weekly meditation and amplify more each month with simple introductions.


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