Rethink Business

I help Solopreneurs, Entrepreneurs and small business owners rethink business through one of three simple shapes; The Relationship Triangle.

Misalignments to one or more angles or sides of the Triangle provide a refresh on how to consider alternative ‘relationship’ solutions. The Relationship Triangle is one of three components I use to help reframe, realign and restore key relationships – inside the business and beyond and create the experience of more…

Rethink Business through The Relational Lens


If you’re not creating more AND experiencing more – inside your business – the relationship between you and the business, the business and the customer or…the business and a life 360 is out of alignment.

Realign the Relationship Triangle in a four-part series that syncs up with the power of relationship, inside my Coherence Library.

Becoming Coherent | My Coherence Library