Before Marketing can be really effective there is a creative process we each go through. We mash up our knowledge, skills & experiences with awareness and we become more empowered in our Marketing because we’re using the field the way it was intended!


Radical Honesty: Most Marketing education focuses on answering the question, ‘HOW’. In other words, becoming better tactical ninjas, which is fine, at a certain point.


Light on Marketing thrives because we know how to begin at the beginning.

We know how to ask, and help you answer, different questions, in our opinion, better questions in order to connect your Vision with the integral pieces of Marketing that mean it creates more!


Expanding your mind about the ‘soul’, the role and the purpose of your Marketing doesn’t happen overnight, it happens one step at a time…


Creator Soul Journal

Before, and perhaps, beyond Marketing, is your Endgame; your purpose and the practical actions that integrate a soul-aligned business within a Life 360º.

Connect with a growing collection of Creator Souls sharing their experiential insights and re-envision your endgame — from health to homesteading, from wealth to impact investing, from spiritual paths to paths that restore key relationships, one degree at a time.

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step 2


Third i Consulting

Let me guess, you’ve been feeling as though there’s something beyond the work/career/business that you’ve masterfully manifested… 

…it might be coming to light as you navigate a mid-life correction, an economic downturn, maybe, as your children strike out on their own or as you emerge from a deep personal or global transition.

In my experience, we end up asking the same basic question:

“What do I do now?”

Tricia combines an intelligent process with intuitive
practices for more of the third ‘i’ — insights! Shining
a light for those at a career/business


• Access your three cornerstone Archetypes

• Align keys from Astrology to reveal your Soul Style

• Activate the deep wisdom from your Akashic Records. 


learn more about the akashic records

Each Insights Call uncovers insights that unite individual purpose with actions and close the gap between where you are right now, and where your Creator Soul wants you to lead you in the near future!

Reframe. Realign. Restore. Redefine.

When your Creator Soul emerges with a clear Vision that involves Marketing — where do you begin?

With redefining the integral pieces that create more freedom, flexibility and FLOW!

Access our ‘soul spotlights’ to redefine the supporting role Marketing is meant to play   so that you can connect, communicate and create more!

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