Light on Marketing emerged out of a series of soul-level evolutions during my ‘awakening’ journey. I know just how many rabbit holes we can fall down in search of a deeper sense of meaning in our work/career/business and our life 360º.


Radical Honesty: Transforming marketing was an important part of my soul path and it was ONLY as I created my vision from inspired insights and my soul-style that my real purpose really evolved!


“As I moved beyond my 25 year corporate career in marketing, I tuned into elements of my soul-style and reconnected with my ‘Creator Soul’.”


Creator Soul Journal

After everything we’ve been through in the last couple of years, it’s become even more clear to me that we each want to live in alignment with our value and our values.”

Thanks in large part to events that transpired in 2020, more and more people are tumbling down millions of rabbit holes in order to become more aware and consciously ‘plan’ to change their world.

Creator Soul Journal consists of six core contributors who share from the breadth and depth of their ‘red-pill’ experiences and offer inspired insights to (re)align body, mind & spirit.

your soul





Soul 2 Soul  |  Soul-Style

“People are looking for more meaning, more purpose and more alignment in their lives.” ~ Karen Curry Parker, Quantum Human Design


There are easy ways and hard ways to find more! The hard way is taking the long way around, like I did…the easier way is to take the short-cuts I found on my ‘awakening journey’.

Uncover buried/hidden insights, creative capacity and MORE with your soul-style:

• Your core Archetype(s) strategy, mission and vision

• Create your unique differentiator with different lens on Astrology

• Integrate more inspired insights through your individual 
Akashic Records.


• SINGLE SESSIONS (60-minutes)




“I went down a million rabbit holes that the majority of people don’t have time, energy or money for. Today, I fast-track others to find out what they need to create more meaning, purpose and alignment…with a whole lot less f*cking around LOL!