Hear More through Becoming Coherent Meditation.

If we want to be able to shut out the noise to tune in, sync up and amplify a deeper wisdom, it is a staple.

It is also one thing most people feel is nice to have, overwhelming, frustrating or just not their thing. I don’t believe meditating has to be ‘super-spiritual’. It can be or it can be a simple practice of using a guided practice over and over again to experience more of the ripple effect. In my journey of becoming coherent meditation has had a cumulative impact (like coherence). The more we do the easier it becomes AND the more we come to love the practice itself…We create and experience more of whatever we put into it.

I’ve chosen a handful of my FAVOURITES from my own collection of personal guides from the Heart Math Institute (one of the original inspirations of Coherence) and DavidJi, whose ‘crafted’ meditations has resonated for me since the early days of my coherence journey. I trust you will find something here to serve you.

Heart Brain Coherence Technique™

by Heart Math Institute