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with Tricia Murray

 Sept 10 – Dec 10, 2021.


How much more could your Marketing create if we got all of the individuals pieces working together, YOUR way?


That is the focus of Restoration Marketing, restore more to create more – from your Endgame to your Scoreboard – YOUR way. 


There is no cookie-cutter approach or ‘one-size-fits-all’ model. Not with scarves, cars or relationships and not in Marketing. There are an infinite number of ways you can engage Marketing, but there IS only one way it’s going to feel right, for you! 


Designed for the smallest SMBs – Solopreneurs & Micro-Businesses (<6 ppl) – who want to connect MORE of their time, energy and money investments in Marketing, with more on their Scoreboard.



Restoration Marketing shows you the whole picture,
where pieces get out of alignment and integrates
YOUR Marketing, more effectively, 
to create more YOUR way.





REVALUATE the investments at every level of your Marketing.


  • You’ll see what’s working, what isn’t and how to focus on what delivers more in your Marketing…with more simplicity.



CONNECT with more of the ‘soul’ role and purpose of YOUR Marketing by clarifying your Endgame.


  • Starting with the end in mind, we then work step by step through your brand position and your core customers to find key cornerstones that, when infused into your communications, promotions etc., produce more! 



SEE how all the pieces are intended to fit together and how your Marketing can work as one integrated, holistic whole within your business.


  • From products/services, platforms or places and specific pathways; we create a sufficiently structured Marketing Game Plan and see where the most common disconnects and short-circuits happen.



ACTIVATE more with a sufficiently simplified Playbook. We audit and assess the key plays & players that moving the ball down the field and discover a delightfully simple tool that shows you when it’s time to P.A.S.S


  • We clarify and magnify the key plays & players that are moving the ball down the field and discover a delightfully simple tool that shows you when it’s time to P.A.S.S.



Marketing wants to help you create more…

…in fact, it’s the sole role and purpose for Marketing to exist, in any business.



So, what more would you like Marketing to help you create,

now, next and in your near future?





IN-PERSON Zoom calls once a week 


  • historically group calls are hosted on Fridays, from Noon-1pm (MDT) we may adjust if it is the benefit of the group; one-to-one can be scheduled at times that mesh with your schedule.



BLENDED co-creation and counsel and with me, Tricia Murray


  • This experience has a hybrid structure; you get access to my Moneyball Mashup and harness the power of the group, to tune into even more.  


ACCESS to call recordings forever.


  • Restoration Marketing is built on basic relationship principles – meaning, mutualism, diversity and creating a dynamic container for you to benefit from, over and over and over…


COMPANION pieces to augment and amplify the restoration of Marketing, for you to find your way of using it to create more.

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Sept 10 – Dec 10, 2021 


$1,299.00 (CAD) 

(Regular $1,777.00)

•• 9 Spots Max. ••


Sept 10 – Dec 10, 2021 


3 Payments $500 (CAD) 

“I didn’t even know what Marketing was anymore. It used to be clear but everything has become so complex.

I wanted to understand what Marketing was and how it works, in the most simple terms possible. I wanted to find a way to spend less time, energy on doing..and then re-doing things over and over again. I wanted to know whether I could shape Marketing to my own unique business and what felt right for me. In truthI came into this wanting a lot of things and I got more than I could have expected. “

Joanne N.

Membership Community and Event Host, Ontario

Explore MORE in a 20-minute calibration call to determine how Restoration Marketing can support more in your Marketing, YOUR way.

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