Endgame: Sufficiently Simplify Business & Beyond

If this is your first encounter with me, this is actually the end of a series that looked at my 10-year evolution of trading a life of work for a MORE Coherent Endgame and the five movies helped me ‘reframe’ that game.

I shared the rabbit holes, the study years, the healing years and the ebb and flow of ‘becoming coherent’ as I travelled my own Eat Pray Love journey.

I learned over and over again, at multiple levels, across multiple dimensions, that there ONE thing that changes everything – it’s ALL about the relationship and saw this very human intersection personified in The Fifth Element.

There is an ultimate endgame, which few people ever really achieve – our highest human potential or as my soul-sister Elizabeth Gilbert has written in “Big Magic”…a creative life.

Level-setting the ‘endgame’ of business (& beyond)

The Ultimate Endgame - Business & Beyond | Tricia Murray | Coherent U

Why Don’t More People Achieve their Endgame?

My experience over the ten years from 2007-2017 convinced me that it isn’t because it’s hard or difficult per se, but it’s because the culture “Business” in particular within North America, is in NO WAY aligned to truly empower each of us to reach for our highest potential.

Let that land…every single aspect of the culture that has emerged inside “Business” is framed by four things – competition, conflict, scarcity and making things incredibly complicated!

So the question becomes not why so many of us DON’T…but what’s different with those who DO? I think it’s because we are surrounded by a conversation that complicates things; that makes business and life about more than simply creating the experience of more.


In 2007, all I could see was the finite game. By 2012 I could at least articulate that I wanted more than what I perceived as ‘finite’ outcomes.


By 2015, I was able to articulate more clearly that I wanted more than a life of work; work that felt like the struggle was real and grinding it out everyday.


I wanted more from my work, I wanted it to mean something and I wanted to contribute to the overall advancement of all life on this planet, now and in the future. I wanted more from my health – to live well and age strong. I wanted more through my relationships, my spiritual connection and my time/money freedom.

I had to diverge from the mainstream, conventional paradigm on business in order to see more and open to more than predetermined ‘success’ endpoints, levels of achievement, winners and losers and the rules (competition, conflict and scarcity) of that finite game.

In 2017 I encountered a setback. I found myself doing more and more; and the momentum I’d created stalled.


That year, I learned at a deeper level the pattern of The Matrix and began to relate ‘more’: to what my clients envisioned, to the hard truths and to playing as an infinite player; embracing an infinite game.

In 2018, I engaged a new coach. She began teaching me how to take all of the ‘head knowledge’, the information, the learning from the previous 8-9 years, and embody it. I came to understand the distinction between knowing about something and truly knowing it at the marrow of my bones.


Sufficiently Simplify

The pattern of The Matrix was amplified by my own pattern(s) and I learned to shift from work-weary to a life 360º

Part of my infinite game is the work – which I write about here throughout this library and share through three cornerstones which you can learn more about under the ‘Coherent U’ tab above.

My approach came to be a reflection of a VERY universal process and is filtered through the lens and language of my own experience uncovering it.

The process is as simple or as deep as you want to make it and, if it feels to simple to be effective – chances are you are where I was in 2007.

The struggle to allow it to BE more simple is our weakest link.


Coherently Creating & Experiencing MORE

As you take your next step forward, I want to invite you to consider that it COULD be more simple than what we hear, see and read in the ‘Hunger Games of Business’…if you’re not creating more more, it’s likely that you’re also not experiencing more — I know this because I have been there.

When I wasn’t creating or experiencing more – that rippled out into my whole life and it eventually started to tax my customer relationships…another ripple.

There was a time in my life when I would have wanted to tell you that there was ‘more’ to it than this. That was then, this is now… Is depth to each quadrant – absolutely! AND…the structure and the ENDGAME is deceptively, sweetly simple.

I want to close this series with a quote I took from one of the many books I discovered along the way, that encapsulates my endgame…

“What I want for myself, I want for everyone.”

~Samuel “Golden Rule” Jones.


I want you to create more inside your business AND experience more beyond it. That is my Endgame…It’s incredibly simple, becoming coherent and I work at keep it sufficiently simplified by creating more, experiencing more and creating the experience OF more – inside MY business and beyond.

If you’re feeling like you’re under water because of the increasing overwhelm of Business and your business is/has come to eclipse a life 360, it’s time to RECALIBRATE.

I can support you in TWO core ways:

1 – If you’re MICRO business owner and it’s the marketing that’s adding more but not creating more, I actively lean into being ‘Miss Right Now’

2 – If you’re a Solopreneur like me, or a Tribute or Survivor in the 21st Century Hunger Games, I have created a series of group experiences that simplify Business & Beyond