Light on Marketing exists because small business CEOs and Owners are burning out or breaking down trying to make their Marketing mean more to their business.

When you’ve tried to make it work or you’ve poured more time, energy and money into Marketing than you’ve seen add up … it’s time to shine a light on your Marketing.


Radical Honesty: The history of Marketing is simple, it was created by and for businesses a lot larger than yours. It was designed for/by big, multi-national, global brands, and that might be one reason why it feels like the struggle is real.


We recalibrated Marketing to be clearer and feel lighter for small business CEOs and soul-purpose owners.

As veterans of the Marketing industry we have seen and experienced the good, the bad, and the absolutely, utterly ridiculous! It’s why we aim to keep our solutions light and our outcomes grounded in both the science and spiritual wisdom.


What else can we share the might reflect more of our ‘brand of different’?


  • We believe in the power of “manifestation” and that starts with organizing your Marketing activities around a simple, structured process.
  • We want to expand your mind and shift you away from the hype and ‘hopium’ to focus on what’s real and what’s right for you – right now and in the near future.
  • We want your ‘daily doing list’ to follow the less is more philosophy, starting with how much of those tactics and activities are adding up to more in the short- and long-term.
  • We want you to restore as sense of freedom and flexibility by working from a strong Marketing foundation that enables you to evaluate the best solutions to amplify your CEO Vision and/or Soul-Purpose.

I like the way our ‘light’ team does our Marketing better than the way others didn't.

Chris T.

I know when I’m spinning my wheels and Tricia enables me to refocus on what’s actually adding more to my big picture.”

Andrea A.

Marketing Your
CEO Vision

…create a clear link between your Marketing and your Vision, crystalize your contribution, your community and key cornerstones that you can build and expand on.

Maximize Marketing’s impact in your business with less time and energy! 

  • A 30-day package that unites your CEO vision with Marketing clarity. 
  • 4 x 45 minute sessions; discovery, check-point, delivery, review. 
  • Sharpen your brand archetype, core customer profile and key cornerstone messages that amplify your vision. 
  • Connect your CEO Vision with your Marketing in 360º, from purpose to products, promotions and pathways.
  • Expand your Marketing from four core pillars that fortify strong connections between your business and your customers. 
  • Integrate the Power of the P.A.S.S™ to reframe & realign daily activities for more coherent, consistent results
  • Access our hybrid approach where these foundational elements are done with you and for you. 

Your Marketing needs to play a strong supporting role if it’s going to help you create the change you want to see in the world! 

  • Workshop 101Organize. When you’ve discovered that your soul-purpose intersects with your career/business, our 4-step framework optimizes the integral elements of Marketing you need to create the right opportunities and see real outcomes. 
  • Workshop 201 – Clarify. Combine your archetypes with the 3As behind your core customers to connect your containers and conduits with more people tuned your wavelength.
  • Workshop 301 – Align. Your Marketing Game Plan begins to amplify more when it aligns with a simple, four step Customer Relationship Journey and expands from four core pillars.
  • Workshop 401 – In-Sync. Reach beyond conventional Marketing and bridge the science with spiritual insights to sync up with your Astrological Marketing Style.
  • Group workshops are 1.5 days online, with recordings, plus a 30-min, 1:1 Insights Call with Tricia Murray.

Our Game Plan + Handbook is invaluable and the copy/messaging you gave us is finding its way into the web, promos & ads. We are very happy with how congruent it all feels.”

Sheryl A.

I don't need full-time anything right now, especially Marketing, but I truly value my light Marketing team and quarterly CMO sessions.

Liz S.

Marketing your Soul-Purpose (Series)

…create more freedom, flexibility and FLOW with your Marketing!

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I don't need full-time anything right now, especially Marketing, but I truly value my light Marketing team and quarterly CMO sessions.

Liz S.

I was so frustrated with the ‘more must be better’ rhetoric in Marketing. Tricia is a breath of fresh air! She shares openly from a diverse background in Marketing and offers insights and counsel while advocating for the possibility of more with less.

Josie B.

Core Counsel: Your Marketing Advisor

Shine a light beyond the one-size-fits-all models! See more of what Marketing can do for your ‘big picture’ and find the shifts and solutions that are right for you, your business and your customers.


Get more from Your Marketing with clear, consistent Marketing counsel. 

60-minute discovery session; determine needs and objectives (templates provided). 

• Scale up as you need it or rollover hours for strategic working sessions.

Three (3) hours each month with Lite Advisory that provides integral, intelligent & intuitive insights, or 

Three (3) hours a week with your Advisor plus, quarterly recalibration of your Endgame, Playbook, Game Plan & Scoreboard. 

Add a dedicated Executive Marketing Assistant to take the implementation of all your Marketing activities off your mind.

Weave in specialized Marketing skill sets as needed (design, copywriting, etc.).