Turning Points and Tipping Points

I’m NOT an economist.

I’m not a Business Analyst.

I AM however, drawn to the “TSN” turning points & tipping points that create Spend Shifts that are important, relevant & significant to Solo & Micro business owners.

In particular, how the macro shifts impact the microcosm of OUR business.

I believe that forewarned is forearmed and the more we can step back to see more of the big picture — the more we are prepared to shift and evolve and recalibrate OUR picture.

The things that can TRULY change the game – like, THE game of business or life, don’t come along very often.

In 2000 one industry had their game changed forever when Napster showed up and ‘disrupted’ the music industry.

Fast-forward ten years and 2009, when ONE industry made a colossal mess of everything for ONE part of our global community – the focus of the book Spend Shift and the housing crisis.

in 2020, we experienced something that I personally believe will change THE game in the same way the Industrial Revolution did…and, in the same way the Italian Renaissance did.

It might be hard to see because we’re still in the early days of what equates to the two year period after Napster when the music industry was in disarray and everything felt like chaos…because everything WAS chaos.

I believe that our world, post-2020 will settle, and that just is in 2000 and 2010, new and interesting and BETTER solutions will come forward out of the chaos.

I also believe that it was going to feel very uncomfortable for a while…it’s going to feel like my favourite description for chaos and incoherence — like being inside a bag of cats — and that it’s going to mean (even MORE) finding OUR way through to the other side.

I am not an economist or a business analyst and I draw on insights from ancient knowledge, from sources both ancient and contemporary, like Spend Shift…to tune in, sync up and align myself (and my people) with more.

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