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Marketing flow for Solopreneurs and Start-ups!

Get a Grip! Your Marketing. Your Way. | Tricia Murray, Light on Marketing

A Light Paper that lets Marketing start to feel LIGHT again. Reach beyond the one-size-fits-all model and recalibrate the field of Marketing to mean more to you and create more for you. 



Mountain of Marketing | Light on Marketing | Tricia Murray

Marketing can make you feel like you’re climbing the mountain or buried under it. This 4-part on-demand series challenges the status quo on three key aspects of Marketing so you can make dynamic progress. 



9-Days of Coherence | Light on Marketing | Tricia Murray

Marketing that resonates with your customers is multi-dimensional. This 9-part, on-demand series syncs up with the subtle reasons why you’re Marketing isn’t clearly, consistently creating more and how to change your frequency.

  TUNE INTO MORE ($222.00)

FLOW! Marketing | Tricia Murray • Light on Marketing

What does it take for Solopreneurs & Start-Ups to experience more FLOW in their Marketing? This bi-annual live group experience covers the absolute essentials that will transform the frustrations and fears about Marketing, into more! 

 EXPLORE MORE ($540.00)

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