Behind taxes, privilege and the ‘burden’ each hold are keys to create more in Business.


The Privilege of Taxes

The base intention behind ‘taxes’ came from privilege. At the core of every social structure from the Vikings, to Rome, to modern day is the premise of taxes.

Whether you paid your taxes in chickens, fealty or in hard currency, taxes reflected privilege. It reflects being a part of society and being afforded certain, privileges, assurances or freedoms.

Living in a democracy, those taxes are designed to provide ways and means for those who serve the society, in order to create a vibrant, thriving ecosystem for all who contribute in some way to the tax purse. This is rich, deep, complex conversation, which I’ll mostly side-step, but at the core of taxes is privilege.

So, how is it that taxes, literally or figuratively, have become a burden?


Because the relationship between privilege and tax has become misaligned.


It’s ALWAYS about the relationship, because everything is related. EVERYTHING is connected.

We know everything is connected because the ancient knowledge from science and spiritual traditions and our own deep wisdom tells us so.


The Burden of Privilege

“You’ve lost your privileges.”

It’s something I remember hearing from time to time growing up. On the RARE occasion when I wasn’t the darling angel of a daughter 😌 … “I lost my privileges”.

This ancient knowledge came back to me as I pressed pause and quieted my external communication last week, to evaluate my own relationship with various privileges and, to ensure others received their ‘share of voice’.

As I tuned in what I heard was deep wisdom: when I understand what my privileges are, I can access the wavelength of gratitude…

…because there is a relationship between privilege and gratitude; the more profound the privilege, the deeper the gratitude.

As a kid when I ‘lost my privileges’ it was either no big deal or I raised holy hell and it all hinged on how meaningful I perceived the privilege to be (and probably a little of how long I thought it would be ‘lost’).

As I grew up I came to see there were more relationships at play; like privilege and entitlement.

Privilege and power.

Privilege and responsibility.

Within privilege is the seed of burden; there is weight associated to holding privileges – big or small – and every privilege has a value.


The Privilege of More

Every one of us holds privileges.

If you own your own business – that IS a privilege.

It is a privilege that has been given to you, that you have earned it and, it is a privilege you now hold.

If you have a thriving, successful business that is creating the experience of more for you and your Community of clients or customers THAT is a profound privilege, which probably (hopefully) produces deep gratitude.

And if you hold the privilege and feel gratitude I know you will also feel, at times, the burden of responsibility because of the power you have to change people lives, through the business.


In a six-part series, Quantum Keys that Create Quantum Leaps (below) I drew on the ancient knowledge of The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles, written in about 1903. In that book, Wattles invests an entire chapter to the discussion of gratitude, which can be seen as small, tiny and maybe irrelevant or deep, profound and significant.


GRATITUDE is Quantum Key #4.

It is human emotion that makes the Quantum Connection to the Quantum Field.


In The Divine Matrix Gregg Braden says, “Feeling is the language that ‘speaks’ to The Divine Matrix” (what Wattles refers to as Thinking Substance and what I describes above as the Quantum Field).

The beautifully articulate Maya Angelou once said, “when you know better, do better”.

Today I am 100% crystal clear that I hold privileges that I am not aware of and, I may never be aware of. In that, I don’t know where to do better. I’m also mostly clear about the privileges that do hold:


  • Doing what I can, with what I have, where I am – because I can, because I am free to do so
  • I’m free to do so because I live in a democracy where I get to pay taxes
  • I find gratitude in what freedoms, privileges and assurances those taxes DO afford and,
  • I carry the burden of responsibility to express (every four years, at least) how I believe those taxes can ‘do better’ in creating the experience of more, for everyone.

Connecting to More

Feeling the burden to continually do more leads us into enduring more and that’s not just a gratitude-killer, it’s incredibly frustrating and it’s typically a sign that something is ready to SHIFT, I invite you to create that shift, one degree at a time which coincidentally you can do, inside Coherent U by RECALIBRATING.


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