In this episode, I’m taking you shopping and we’re talking about marketing endgames…marketing game plans and getting more of what you need from The Marketing Store.

Marketing, Meaning & More Endgame (with less Game-Playing)


Maya Angelou once said, “when you know better, do better…”

I have hundreds of stories from when I stepped onto the field of solo ownership that this ONE analogy has been drawn from… AND I knew better.

I KNEW BETTER! and yet, I saw over and over again WHY my trips to the Marketing Store ended less successfully than my trips to the grocery store.

So, why wasn’t I able to ‘do better’?

In my experience…both personally and professionally – we have a clearer endgame and game plan going into the grocery store than we do going into the Marketing store and in this episode I connect a few dots for those who are looking for marketing to mean more and for it to ADD more to the meaningful contribution we’re trying to make through our work, our craft, our business…


Marketing Endgame, first

Marketing Game Plan, second

Marketing Playbook, last…


If you have some of the pieces and need a little more of the structure or simplicity to make Marketing mean more to your business Endgame, connect with more through my Mighty Community where you’ll find:



• I know exactly how you feel…and ONE way forward it to perform a Marketing Audit – from your Scoreboard to your Endgame

• 90-Days one-to-one with me or a Group Immersion once a year enables you to step back, see more and shift what you’ve got INTO more.

Learn More about my customer Marketing Audit process.

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