This post is one in a series around FIVE movies that enabled me to move toward more of an infinite endgame that started to take shape in around 2012. These five movies ‘changed the game’ and influenced my ability to create more, more coherently.  In the last post I shared the game-changing shift that becoming a more Ready, Player One produced.

Evolving the Game

Evolving from a finite game into an infinite game and learning how to become an infinite player; are entirely counter-cultural and counter-intellectual. The process is divergent.

I had to see more, and more clearly, where I was and what was possible, beyond what I knew and had already achieved. At times the concepts I was encountering felt untethered and my endgame looked like nothing but a pipedream.

I had to see beyond, and I could only do that – through the eyes of those who had gone before me. Individuals like Leonardo daVinci, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison; and more currently people like Yvon Chouinard (Founder of Patagonia) and more closely, Susi Lately (my yoga therapy instructor) and Felicia Searcy, my business coach.

Seeing through the eyes of those who have already been ‘there’ enabled us to open up to more.


I had already begun to diverge from the mainstream news, media and business conversation, looking to different role models and stepping back from the ‘conventional paradigm’ in order to see more.

More often than not, that conventional paradigm and cultural narrative is associated with doing more, in order to have more. As one of the work-weary, doing more isn’t the problem. I was already doing far more than was sustainable.

The problem was that doing more wasn’t actually producing anymore. It was actually producing less.

The Matrix made me coherent to the core truth that I had

created MORE outside the “matrix” of competition, conflict and scarcity by

integrating the science and spiritual business lens.


The Matrix: The Playing Field

In 1999, I watched The Matrix and I hated it. I thought it was dark and twisty and it felt utterly overwhelming. When I re-watched it in 2016 it was with an entirely different lens.

Without spoiling anything, The Matrix introduces a wild ride that Neo takes down a rabbit hole after encountering a series of glitches in ‘the matrix’. The fateful red pill pulls Neo out of a world that felt SO real, yet … was not.

As I re-watched The Matrix, I saw metaphors and analogies of the cultural narrative and a very conventional business paradigm that frames the playing field of a finite game.

I watched as Neo step outside of The Matrix and learned how to use the matrix to create different outcomes. What Neo believed to be possible was turned upside down and inside out.


The Science and Spiritual

I opened up to evidence from both science – including Physics, Quantum Physics and Psychology – and spiritual traditions such as the Hopi, Hermetic and Yogic Traditions, in order to experience less of the finite game of work-weary and more of the infinite game and a life 360º.

I’ve found that the science and the spiritual are aligned far more than they are disconnected on many things.  They are typically looking at the same thing, from different perspectives and talking about the same things, using different language.

Where many believe that science and spiritual traditions are opposite ends of the spectrum, I see them as opposite sides of the same coin.

Both science and spiritual traditions have come to understand The Matrix; the playing field of an infinite game and they agree on two fundamental things*:


1 – Its real-ness – science and spiritual intersect with respect to the nature of a field that fills and funnels through the ‘empty’ spaces of our visible world.

  • Physics calls it the Higgs Field where the Hopi Tradition illustrates it like a giant spider web; and, each describes the ‘matrix’ as a field of energy, connecting everything in the universe.

2 – Its responsive-ness – what the movie either shows incompletely or incorrectly is that the matrix (science and spiritual) is neutral, it responds to what is put into it.

  • Quantum mechanics is still unclear on precisely how it ‘works’ but its evidence aligns with spiritual traditions; the matrix or field, responds to a common language, and that language is human emotion.


The Matrix began as work of science fiction with an incredibly original theme; a unique creative concept, layered with cutting edge CGI and technical prowess for its time. On a second pass, it became the visual representation of seeing more and opening up to more of the playing field that infinite players use to create far more, as they play an infinite game.

*For those who are interested, both science and spiritual believe that the field is creative in nature and that there was a ‘first mover’ from which the matrix or the field originated, though as we know, there remains a lack of consensus to the what or who of the ‘first mover’.

While it might feel like a big stretch to consider…what changes for you – in the business and beyond — if we live within a creative, reflective, responsive Field or ‘matrix’?

Listen more (Podcast): Be an Original


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