If you’ve ever heard the phrase ‘leave something better than you found it’, that is a pretty good analogy for my ENDGAME.

Making, or fashioning, Marketing into MORE; something better.

Transforming Machiavellian Marketing

If you don’t see how the vast majority of Marketing has been pressed into a life of servitude where it’s OWN power has been shackled to helping someone/something maintain power, gain power or amplify power, this podcast episode is NOT for you.

It took me a LONG time to make peace with what people, business and ‘culture’ over the past 100 years has done to Marketing, and how so much of it’s power has been pressed down, contained and distorted, to a point where “Marketing” is considered by most of us to be LESS trustworthy than lawyers.

That was a particular low-point in my career, no offense to any Lawyers who might listen; but, that was the first of an infinite series of moments that caused me to step back, divorce myself from Marketing and go in a direction 180º opposite…only to find myself coming full circle to see Marketing in a whole new light.

Today, I invest most of my time, energy and money in TRANSFORMING Marketing so that it means more to business owners.

When you’re in the business of helping people TRANSFORM some aspect of their life, business or beyond…until Marketing means more to you, it can’t bring the fullness of its innate power to help you create more of that transformation.

IT’S EASY TO OPT OUT OR…do more, add more, and keep trying to layer in more…especially when it comes to the current ‘regime’ of Marketing, which sees MORE as ‘volume over value’ and leaves us skeptical about what/who to trust, where or when we need more and how much is really enough.

Tricia Murray | Ms. Right Now | Coherent U | 90-Days of MORE

If you’re a Solopreneur or DIY Marketing Jedi trying to match your KNOW-HOW with KNOWING – WHAT, WHO, WHERE, WHEN and HOW MUCH…I’ve designed 90-Days to More just for you (with me) to step back and see the whole big picture and get your Endgame, Game Plan, Playbook lined up for MORE on your Scoreboard.