Movies, movies and more movies…you must be wondering if that’s ALL I do…Well, it’s ALL I do when I need to turn my brain off and relax…


…so as I watched the new Mary Poppins (2018) movie over the holidays and I was inspired by one thing: Turning Turtle. 

She is SO brilliant! She helps us imagine! …I LOVE her ‘carpetbag’, like she pulled hat racks, mirrors and fishbowls out of that thing! Can you even imagine?! SO awesome… 




Turning Turtle

In the new version of the movie, her Cousin Topsy (Meryl Streep) has a regular experience with life being turned upside down.

The second Wednesday of the month, her world literally turns upside down. You watch the room turn, hear the gears clicking and see everyone’s eyes ground round as saucers LOL. She calls it ‘turning turtle’…like when a turtle lands on its back. At first, of course, she didn’t care for it; but slowly learned to love it. 

Cousin Topsy is on my wavelength.


Somewhere around 2014, I came to LOVE encountering people, ideas and stories that could turned my world upside down, metaphorically for sure, and yes I still have to coax myself to remember that even the literal topsy ‘turtle’ days, things tend to right themselves again.

I am loving the idea and kickstarted something to play with in 2020.


I’m going to share something from my time capsule that caused my world to ‘Turn Turtle’, it might be business or life; big or small, but it will be something that absolutely captivated me AND enabled me to create and experience more, through the outcome that Cousin Topsy and Mary Poppins allude to:


When you change the view from where you stood, the things you view will change for good.


 In 2012, I turned my world ‘turtle’ because I wanted more than a life of work; I wanted a life 360º, a work that had meaning a desire to build a business that would create an increase for all – my clients, myself, my team… The only way I found to do that (without killing myself to do more, try harder, buy-into the struggle, the grind and so on) was to continually ‘change the view from where I stood’.


Our world is changing, it feels at times like it’s turning turtle.

For some, your world has been (or is being) turned upside down – quite out of your control. I encounter people with increasing frequency who can’t find a way to turn it right again.

There are times when it makes sense to ‘turn turtle’, to shake the snow globe – so to speak – and then there are times when we need to let it land. 

If you’re look for a way to sufficiently shake the snow globe or maybe you (like me) have been shaking it too much and it’s time to let it all land – coherently – either way, you will find a sufficiently simple starting point inside RECALIBRATE.


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