Becoming Coherent Business and Beyond

I ask unconventional questions like, “What if ‘more’ doesn’t involve doing more; but ‘doing’ things differently?” which typically leads to other questions that start to unwrap multiple layers of becoming coherent business and beyond.

If this is your first encounter with me, coherence is really about connecting to more – more clearly.

For me, it was as personal and spiritual a process as “Liz’s” journey in the book/movie by Elizabeth Gilbert.

Tuning in to what wasn’t working anymore; syncing up with what “more” looked like and then amplifying that – clearly, consistently and in a way that felt wholly aligned and understandable for me.

And a big part of my own 10-year “Eat Pray Love” journey was learning how to trade a life of work for something more; learning how to LET it be more strategically simplified and coherently connected.


What was a Life of Work, how did I find a Life 360?

Journeys are funny things. Logically, we don’t start one without knowing where we want to go. When you hop on to Expedia or program your GPS you need to know where you’re starting and where you want end up. Unless you’re me…

Planning any journey, the route you take is important, but we don’t really get anywhere until we understand the ‘here’ and then ‘there’.


Where is ‘Here’: My start.

‘Here’ is something I saw more, and more clearly, when I re-watched the movie, Eat Pray Love (Sony, 2010).

Liz’s question in the early morning hours ‘ how did I get here?’ was my question; phrased differently, same sentiment. How do we get so far ‘off track’ from what or where we originally plotted, whatever that is?

“Here” in a nutshell, was a place where everything had become about the work and I was beyond worn out and tired; I was work-weary, burned out and learned much later that I actually had patterns of relating to business and beyond that were based on learning to make everything, incredibly complicated.

I had gone from doing work I enjoyed and was good at, to doing more and more of it and experiencing less.

“Here” as it turned out, was immersed in a culture of Business that is predicated on competition, conflict and scarcity and where too many businesses thrive on making things just as complicated as I learned (something I will sometimes refer to as the Hunger Games of Business).

If that reference doesn’t really resonate, it’s possible that you are not or haven’t been ‘in the Arena’.

“Here” was a perpetual feeling of grinding it out day after day, struggling with the alternating frustration and need to ‘make it work’, which produced less. In retrospect, it was like I just kept shaking the snow globe and wouldn’t let anything land…a little like Tributes who know they have to keep moving or…


Finding myself ‘here’ was curious because I’d always been a reflective person, I had a basement full of journals to prove how much I ‘worked’ stuff out by writing, yet I also couldn’t see the big picture anymore (the long-game, a golf term FYI).

“Here” I was mired in the quicksand of the details; stuck in the weeds as they say and focusing on the 10 feet in front of me (the short-game, golf again), and having no line of sight to where ‘there’ was.

Getting so focused on those 10 feet right in front of me, caused me to go past the same mile markers, over and over and over again. For example, knowing what I didn’t want, yet continuing to try to take myself back there again and again.

I began to tune into a lot of the common language, the clichés, the keywords and phrases that we are taught and learn like,


“The grass isn’t always greener” and “better devil than the one you don’t”.

As I began to tune into more, I began to open up to more…like where do these ideas come from? In no scenario that I’ve found, has there ever been a ‘good’ devil – known or unknown. Yes, the grass isn’t always greener BUT sometimes it is…


Trying to make everything work ultimately meant I made ‘everything’ work.

Eat Pray Love made me coherent to the core truth that as tired, worn out and work-weary as I was; I could choose more.


The Pattern and The Essence

I became aware the essential essence of ONE pattern in 2016. I was work-weary, because I had somehow learned to make ‘everything’ work. I made everything ‘work’ because I had learned over decades of exposure that life is supposed to be complicated and if it’s too easy then it’s probably not worth much; that there’s no real inherent value…

I mean if you get what you pay for; then what you pay for should feel like effortful effort when into and like I’m really going to have to ‘work’ to get the most OUT of it. (that…is courtesy of the Hunger Games of Business).

I made everything a struggle, my health, my relationships and even my spiritual journey. The relationship I had with the work (and life) didn’t have any sense of ease, flow, calm-busy or dare I say, JOY. How could it? There is a real and unbelievably insane perception (and expectation) buried deep in the culture of North America that,

if you’re not working you’re being irresponsible.

At least that’s what I came to see in my own relationship to Business on a whole. Eventually, I learned the hard way that work-weary is simply not sustainable and an equally ‘crazy’ thought began to dance around my mind…

What if it’s not about the work; but what the work enables.
What if the sum of the whole, IS actually greater than each part.

Eat Pray Love

The movie was one of many things that I encountered that ultimately enabled me to see of where ‘here’ was and helped me galvanize where I might find my version of ‘there’.

It wasn’t Italy, India or Bali (though two of those are still on my bucket list). It wasn’t learning a new language, though in a way I guess I did…and I MOST certainly… did NOT have a plan. 

Today my ONE word of counsel to anyone who requests it is this: every crisis brings us to the edge of change but change…doesn’t have to bring us into crisis. We can find our next game plan…we can recalibrate plan C into a new Plan A – clearly, understandably and consistently by simplifying everything inside the business and beyond.


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