In his book, the Science of Getting Rich, he proposes that one of the variables that determines our success in getting rich is the variable of value.

He says, “you can give everyone
more than you take from them.”

…is this thing still on? Stay with me for more about use-value.

I remember when I first heard his reasoning, it sounded like a strange, new but very different and yet, compelling language. He also sparked something in me that I had been wrestling with for at least five years.

I had been wrestling with what to charge for the value I knew my business provided my client. His words grabbed my attention and they’ve never really let go. I can and do, give more in use-value to my customers, than I take from them in cash-value.

In his book, Wattles offers an example of use-value that I find really helpful.

The paper, ink and other materials that went into producing the book that contains this compelling thought, may not be worth the money we pay for it, but if the ideas suggested in the book, add more to our life then that book and those who sold it to us have served us well.

If you’re feeling out of alignment with the value you know you bring and how marketing is supporting you in communicating that or making a connection with customers who you know you can ADD MORE for…

…I invite you to explore ‘Recalibrate’ it is a series of experiences where you can join solopreneurs who are stepping back once a week to recalibrate some aspect of their marketing endgame, game plan and playbook in order to make the marketing mean more and create more. Or, steal a micro-moment with me to determine if Ms. Right Now (for Marketing) can offer you a sufficient amount you need to get from Point A to Point B and beyond.

90 Days to More | Marketing Audit | Tricia Murray


• Is it possible that you don’t need MORE?

• Is it possible that what you’ve got – right now – could be recalibrated for MORE?

• If MORE is what you need…where, when and how much?

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