Light on Marketing •• Summer Series

You want more from your Marketing, my Summer Series aims at providing more. We move beyond the feelings, the inflexibility and points of frustration; we are clearing the field and focusing on core elements of what makes YOUR Marketing create more, together. 


“I don’t even know what Marketing is (anymore)!” ~Lorna J.   

Becoming Coherent | Tricia Murray
Summer Series, Restore More | Tricia Murray, Light on Marketing

Webinar #3 •

Your Marketing: Return on Time, Energy & Money 

What you put into your Marketing is what you will get back; or at least, that’s the theory. In practice, the practical investments we make don’t always ‘manifest’ more and more often than not we see a one-size-fits-all approach to scaling our growth.

• (Re-) Connect with a sufficiently simplified framework that reframes the pieces you have in place, reveals what’s working and where you may want to shine a light on more.

• See your Marketing through the Time, Energy & Money Triangle and assess what MORE you need to scaffold your way from DIY to DIWM to DIFM.

• Learn the two most powerful questions you can ask to ‘audit’ the effectiveness of your Marketing.


**REVISED ••• SEPTEMBER 1, 2021 

1:00-1:45 PM (MDT) 

Light on Marketing • Summer Series 


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Light(en) up Your Marketing for More

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Your Marketing: The Heart & The Head



(after September 1, 2021 access for $99.00 CAD)

A Light Moment with Tricia Murray

Since 2012, I’ve logged more than 16,000 hours recalibrating the field of Marketing — its meaning and more — to support the smallest, small business owners create more and experience more…with their Marketing.

My Endgame is to provide coherent pathways that equip you to manifest more, open to more, relate to more and, experience more, with your Marketing, your way!



…have a listen to this podcast for more of my POV on why Marketing too often DOESN’T provide an acceptable return on the time, energy & money investments we make and how clearing field brings Your Marketing back to ground zero.

Tricia Murray | Light On Marketing | Ms. Right Now