About this time last year, I started something new after watching the latest Mary Poppins movie where I was COMPLETELY captivated by one scene in particular: Turning Turtle.

In the movie, on the second Wednesday of every month Mary’s Cousin ‘Topsy’s’ world would literally turn upside down, she called it ‘Turning Turtle’ to which Mary added a clever little phrase, which became my mantra last year,


“when you change the view from where you stood; the things you view will change for good.”


It became a tradition for me to share something on the 2nd Wednesday of the month that turned my world upside down and fundamentally changed my view on Business, Marketing and Beyond.


Ace and I were out for our first walk of the day this morning, which he likes to take me on around 7am and something intuitively told me to bundle up.

I could see it was a little windy, but it didn’t LOOK terribly cold. I poked my head out the back door and it didn’t FEEL terribly cold.

But as some of us know, what it looks like and what it feels like is often very different than what it actually is.

Let me say, it’s a good thing I had my little Jatzu on a leash because as we left the relative shelter of our front courtyard, we felt the full force of what became my mantra for this walk.


Winds of Change…flowing IN me, coursing THROUGH me and blowing all AROUND me.


Not only was it windy, it WAS cold and at times we were pushing against the wind, other times being swept along by an equally strong tail-wind. Something that (of course) completely parallels with my ongoing adventure as a Solopreneur.

I’ve been feeling it for some time now, that something in my world was changing and this morning I felt it even more strongly. As I walked, I began to ask one of those quantum questions:


“In the midst of so much change already going on around me, is it possible that the changes I’m about to make will actually create stability, in and through me?”


Time will only tell, but as I felt the Winds of Change and checked in every so often to make sure my little Jatzu’s paws were still on the ground 😌 I was reminded that everything is always changing; nothing in our Universe is ever truly motionless and I think that’s worth remembering.

Where you are right now is not where you will be next year.

We keep finding our way forward.

One step at a time.

One Wednesday at a time.

One Turtle at a time.



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