I am committed to becoming more and more clear about the words I use, because words have power, they have energy.

Words can make us laugh, cry, feel angry, afraid or joyful and elated, and I believe the words we use on a day to day basis, influence what we think, and from there, what we’re able to create through our actions.

Over the last six months I found myself really focusing in on the power of four words, in particular. These words are laden with inherently negative sentiment yet, are being used as though they are positive.

These words hit my radar because they are pervasive; you will see them everywhere and in virtually everything related to business. Their presence in our business culture has intrigued and slightly horrified me, having considered their definitions and how the macro world of business is working to normalize them.

Four little words with massive power behind them.

Hustle, Busy, Struggle and Grind.


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