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“We are living in unconventional times and I appreciate Tricia’s ‘unconventional’ approach. She was able to step in as our Marketing Manager to support my business (and team) with just the right amount of time and investment for what we needed. The combination of her Marketing know-how and her agency career where she worked with an extensive variety of industries meant for us, that she could get up to speed more quickly than we could have imagined and activate a scope of service around what was most important and relevant to us.”  

~Laura F.

Health/Wellness Studio Owner


Less Game-Playing. More Endgame.

Connect with more in a micro moment with MS. RIGHT NOW.

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The Micro Marketing Audit...

reveals what too often gets concealed and when that happens…Marketing ceases to mean as much as it could and starts to create less.

AIR 23 •
The Micro Marketing Audit

Marketing has become synonymous with ‘advertising’; advertising IS one part of Marketing and there is simply more at play that could be keeping you from creating more…can you see the whole picture and how each of the pieces fit together?

I prepared my first audit in 2007 and it started with looking at the ‘advertising’; and it evolved into so much more.

That first client asked me to assess ONE thing, which showed them multiple things they weren’t able to see AND that one thing was consuming almost 80% of their Game Plan budget. For them, the Marketing Audit came to mean diversifying…

Ms Right Now audits & assesses so you know what to adjust:

My Marketing Mind • Your Playbook

  • The Pieces – of all the daily ‘marketing’ doing what is actually moving the ball down the field?
  • The Platforms – what is serving to create a sense of space for you customers to connect with you?
  • The Promotions – which ones are worth locking and loading or, are you continually throwing spaghetti against the wall?
  • The Products – services, packages, programs – they are all ‘containers’ of your core value — are they enabling the business & customer to expand or are they draining you and them of more?
  • The Plays – it’s not about judging right/wrong – it’s about confidently being able to justify more or less. 

• FRESH AIR & FREEDOM • The Micro Marketing Audit

23 hours | 4-6 weeks
$3,200 (CAD, excl. tax)

The Marketing Game Plan...

…bridges lean & meaningful with structured & simplified to keep you playing one great game after another, with less blind-sides. 

The Marketing Game Plan

Are you doing more in service to creating more? Trying valiantly to make it all work or are you feeling the chaos and starting to look for silver bullets, magic beans or the hail mary pass?   

Your Marketing Audit informs and influences a sufficiently structured Game Plan and, as you grow you have all you need to progressively build a simplified Playbook; key plans for specific ‘goals’ and support your expansion, season by season.  

There are an infinite number of myths about the ‘plan’ that can lead us toward more, or lock us into a rigid, unyielding structure. Your Marketing Game Plan – when structured for where you are right now – keeps everything in alignment and the ball moving down the field.

Coming out of the Micro Marketing Audit we shift directions to create a Game Plan that HAS to work for you, otherwise you won’t ever feel like you own it, which means you (your team) won’t use it. 


Ms Right Now audits, assesses & aligns a Game Plan to work for you:

 My Marketing Mind • Your Plan: 

• Bridge the gaps in market/industry, trend, client/customer research
• Adjust or clarify your position on the playing field

• Hone key pain points for clear, understandable messaging
• Simplify your Marketing Scoreboard to see more and shift more quickly 

• One 12-week Plan focused on three key product promotions per quarter that you will be able to refine, ‘rinse and repeat’ OR 

• Two 12-week Plans – one focused on an ‘evergreen’ approach and one for a seasonal promotion

• LESS BLIND-SIDES • The Marketing Game Plan

56 hours | 6-10 weeks
$7,500 (CAD, excl. tax)

“When I need someone to help me work through to clear action steps for my Game Planning, Tricia steps in so I can scale my business, add clarity to what I need to do and how to tackle the project. Her support in my business and the full-scope of marketing she provides pulls me through much faster, than doing it on my own.”

Tammy M.

Digital Marketing Agency, Ontario

“Tricia is a consummate professional! Her ability to move from a high level conversation, to how it impacts our plan, team & clients in multiple directions is why she’s on a short-list of partners I’ve come to rely on.
I value her grounded, expansive perspective and unique point of view. I think she’s terrific.”

Scott T.

Contractor, British Columbia

The 'Micro' Marketing Manager...

…means Ms. Right Now minds the plan, the players & the practice for more on game day.



You are close to being ready for a full-time or full-service option but…it would be GREAT to find a way to bridge that level of commitment with your current cash-flow. 

You have been playing one great quarter after another, you may have assembled the beginnings of a team (internal or external) and now you need Marketing to take on a more meaningful role to bring you to the next level. 

You get more hands-on help, building up or boosting a team AND the ability to get back to where you create more of your core value in the business…

…I get to wear my ‘strategy, planner and manager’ hat to sync the Game Plan with your big picture Endgame or, timeshare your hours between two Ms. Right Nows – a ‘Micro’ Manager and Coordinator.



 KEY COMPONENTS (based on what you need right now):

• Establish your position on the field, identify your core fans and your loyal but potential less-engaged audiences

• Develop and refine the Marketing Game Plan, considering multi-channels as the customer lifecycle evolves

• Step into strategic sessions with owners/leaders (quarterly/annually)

• Unite the Marketing metrics with the meaning for the more

• Curate and synthesize customer insights, consumer trends and market shifts

• Coordinate the players on the field – internal and external – through regular team interfaces and task management

• Build a solid bridge between commitment to full-time/full-service with cash-flow, so you can keep creating more

• MORE GREAT ONES • The ‘Micro’ Marketing Manager

up to 99 hours  per quarter
for ‘fractional ownership’ of full-time

“Tricia is what we have come to refer to in agency/marketing as a unicorn; she is someone we can trust in a high-level strategy position AND she is strong a client-facing advocate AND she knows how to speak multiple languages (tech + geek+ creative) to get both sides internal and external to the common goal, ensuring projects are completed, on-time, on-budget, which for us means a whole lot more than a testimonial could convey.

Jennifer T.

VP Operations, Agency

Scaffold your way to MORE Marketing, starting with a ‘micro’ moment with Ms. Right Now.

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