NOVEMBER 5, 2020

9:00am-Noon (MDT)

Change makers, agents of change and game-changers all know that being able to

thrive in a ‘post-crisis economy’ starts with rehabiliting the

Game of Business from the core.

“In 2010, I was at the edge and something had to change…my body was in decline, my relationships were ‘functional’ and my spiritual connection was disconnecting, because “business” had come to eclipse a Life 360.”

~Tricia Murray, Strategic Guide

Becoming Coherent | Business & Beyond

“The majority of Businesses may not heal despite government funding.”

~Eric Groves, Founder of Alignable (March 2020)

“For a time I resisted the clear and obvious signs that I wasn’t creating and experiencing more – despite doing and enduring more…

…and I took myself 180º, falling into multiple rabbit holes and relentlessly continuing to ‘shake the snowglobe’.

When you are worn-down, work-weary and burning out from playing a finite game, sometimes the only obvious solutions are resistance or revolution.

We resist making ANY changes or…

…we believe EVERYTHING must change.

Repair • Heal • Renew

Most of us know at least a little of one particular “version of Business”, where we find ourselves doing and enduring more yet, creating and experiencing less.

We also know that are two sides to ‘rehab’. One that supports recovery from addiction; the other supports healing from past injuries.

In Business Rehab we focus on the latter…healing from the multiple injuries incurred inside the ‘finite game’ of business and reframing, realigning and restoring more. 

In this half day session, our focus is on four essential components that shift your perspective on the nature of the game and heals a business, from the core.

Our Roadmap:

REFRAME: the riptide of competition, conflict and scarcity and recalibrate a business (& beyond) for more

REALIGN: key relationships that create the experience of more – for ourselves, our customers and beyond

RESTORE: more than mere myths of work-life balance to coherently connect with an Endgame that is defined by equilibrium

RECONNECT: with timeless and universal insights that enable you to see more of what is possible in, through and because of the business

“What I want for myself I want for everyone.”

~Samuel ‘Golden Rule’ Jones.

I want you to create more within the business so you can experience more beyond it.

I am a strategic guide, focused on coherently changing the ‘Game’ that most of us have learned to play. 

If you:

• are just beginning to tune into a game that isn’t working for you anymore

• find yourself standing at the edge of change OR

• are an agent OF change who is creating (or experiencing) less

…Business Rehab delivers a strategically simplified, coherent connection to MORE inside the business & beyond.

• TUNE INTO the most powerful and most simple question you can ask that changes the game you’re playing.

• SYNC UP WITH a strategically simplified framework that connects you with more than common (and often chronic) business pains and problems.

• ALIGN WITH a process that supports the experience of more in an era of unprecendented social and economic change.

• AMPLIFY MORE beyond the business by creating a clearer view of the future to connect with your inner change-maker.



Thursday, November 5, 2020

9:00am-Noon (MDT)

•  $108.00 per person  •   

Given the multiple ‘unknowns’ 2020 has presented, November 13th will be a custom-designed online event with mindspace breaks & small group break-outs to create more with less burnout.

“Tricia’s event was exactly what I needed. I had multiple moments where the simplicity that she was shared seemed too, well simple LOL, but as I reflected I found it all made sense. I love her approach to Business and I’m actively applying what I learned for ‘more’.”
~Renee Y., Naturopath, California

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